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Ideas please for new rank titles for WW2 Campaign
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Author:  requiem_for_a_starfury [ 11 Sep 2005 17:49 ]
Post subject:  Ideas please for new rank titles for WW2 Campaign

Due to a bug and the way the ranks work in FOT I can't use them as intended for my campaign, so instead of having captain, major, brigader etc I've thought of using it as an award system so you get a medal for bravery etc.

Anyone got any ideas for the titles? I want to keep things as generic as possible, as in made up, fictional, not using names of actual medals. For a start, we Brits don't have as many medals as the Americans and the enlisted ranks were awarded different decorations than the Officer Class. I'm looking for something that also could be used in multiplayer by teams on the different sides.

Except I can think of only so many ways of saying medal of bravery with out using a real medal.


name_Initiate = {}
name_SeniorInitiate = {Commendation}
name_Squire = {}
name_SeniorSquire = {}
name_JuniorKnight = {Mentioned in Dispatches}
name_Knight = {Medal of Bravery}
name_SeniorKnight = {Medal of Bravery with Bar}
name_KnightCommander = {Medal of Courage}
name_JuniorPaladin = {Medal of Courage with Bar}
name_Paladin = {}
name_PaladinCommander = {}
name_PaladinLord = {}
name_General = {}


Author:  Þórgrímr [ 11 Sep 2005 18:02 ]
Post subject: 

Here are a couple of ideas,

1. starburst of valor
2. wreath of merit
3. medal of merit

If I think of others I will add them. :AH

:nuke: Cheers Thorgrimm :nuke:

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