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Ancient Civilizations
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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 25 Feb 2012 19:18 ]
Post subject:  Ancient Civilizations

We here at Gunny Pubs are proud to present our first expansion for The Name Generator, Ancient Civilizations.

In this expansion you will find the following name lists: Assyrian, Aztec, Celtic, Hebrew, Hellenic Greek, Old Norse, Persian, Pharonic Egyptian, Roman, and Sanskrit. This list covers a wide range of name types, ranging from Europe to India and the New World.

You must have The Name Generator already installed to use this product.

Ancient Civilizations

Below are sample names produced by the Ancient Civilizations Expansion:

Am-me-en-na – Assyrian Male
Iqisa-Marduk – Assyrian Male
Ir-ri-ki – Assyrian Female
Li-ki-im-ma-a-a – Assyrian Female

Nezahualpilli – Aztec Male
Totoquihuatzin – Aztec Male
Ilancueitl - Aztec Female
Uacalxochitl – Aztec female

Maedoc O'Griobbtha – Celtic Male
Calbach O'Suilleabhain – Celtic Male
Luíseach O'Baetheghaile – Celtic Female
Aisling Mac Carthaigh – Celtic Female

Eliezar Ben Anael – Hebrew Male
Ephrayim Ben Shalom – Hebrew Male
Shahar Bat Atsel – Hebrew Female
Yediydah Bat Metushelach – Hebrew Female

Periandros of Artanes – Hellenic Greek Male
Kalliaros of Alexandria – Hellenic Greek Male
Pyrrha of Pandosia, Epirus – Hellenic Greek Female
Xantippe of Ephesus – Hellenic Greek Female

Óleifr Jónison – Old Norse Male
Friðleifr Randvérson – Old Norse Male
Kitta Faraldardóttir – Old Norse Female
Arneiðr Greipsdóttir – Old Norse Female

Arshâma of Ashlagh – Persian Male
Dâtuvahya of Adoraim – Persian Male
Shireen of Naqsh-e Rustam – Persian Female
Haurvatat of Pasargadai – Persian Female

Ptahhudjankhef – Pharonic Egyptian Male
Nakhtimenwast – Pharonic Egyptian Male
Reddjedet – Pharonic Egyptian Female
Mehytenweskhet – Pharonic Egyptian Female

Caeso Oppius Damasus – Roman Male
Decimus Volcantius Caelinus – Roman Male
Helvia Claudiana – Roman Female
Aurelia Laurentia – Roman Female

Dharmaragas Acaryatanaya – Sanskrit (Vedic Culture) Male
Arjunapurvaja Akshat – Sanskrit (Vedic Culture) Male
Girindramohini Ananda – Sanskrit (Vedic Culture) Female
Havyavahini Gayatri – Sanskrit (Vedic Culture) Female

Author:  haegan2007 [ 01 Mar 2012 14:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancient Civilizations

It now installs its names to its own folder. We were looking at having close to 50 name files in a single folder and decided it would make it difficult to find a specific file. So each expansion is being installed to its own name folder.

Author:  haegan2007 [ 20 Mar 2012 12:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ancient Civilizations

We have finished the engine update that should permit us to do any word combo that we could think of. Version is now 1.5

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