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The Fantasy Pack for the Name Generator
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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 20 Mar 2012 13:07 ]
Post subject:  The Fantasy Pack for the Name Generator

We here at Gunny Pubs are proud to present our second expansion for The Name Generator, The Fantasy Pack.

In this expansion you will find the following name lists: Dark Elf, Dragon-Kin, Dwarven, Elven, Fantasy Human, Goblin, Halfling, Magi, Orc, and Vampiric. This list covers a wide range of fantasy name types, ranging from Elves to Dragons to Magi.

The Fantasy Pack Names information text file in the main Name Generator program directory gives some background as to how the various name lists came to be.

You must have The Name Generator already installed to use this product. If you have version 1.0 of The Name Generator please contact GPI with your purchase information to receive a free update of the program to 1.01, which the Fantasy Pack requires to run properly.

Below are sample names produced by the Fantasy Pack Expansion:

Legithrarion Grim-foe - Dark Elf Male
Elradriendil Wild-wanderer – Dark Elf Male
Godia Spell-slinger – Dark Elf Female
Unilith Staff-slayer – Dark Elf Female

Ormand Fire-ghost – Dragon-Kin
Hakan Silent-wyvern – Dragon-Kin
Aurum Ebon-claw – Dragon-Kin
Cruelshade Doom-lightning – Dragon-Kin

Seli Gem-destroyer – Dwarf
Gofur Mithril-digger – Dwarf
Donar Stone-maker – Dwarf
Glinar Troll-slayer – Dwarf

Renlihn From the order of defenders, servants of the golden bow – Elven Male
Jaevar One of the children of the blade – Elven Male
Versha From the guild of magi's, servants of the gods - Elven Female
Cyavina One of the mothers of the forest – Elven Female

Æthelric son of Godewine – Fantasy Human Male (Commoner)
Caedmon Of House Hrodbeorht – Fantasy Human Male (Noble)
Quoenðryð Bel Eadfrid – Fantasy Human Female (Commoner)
Osðriðe Bel Leodgar of House Bealdric - Fantasy Human Female (Noble)

Dxagek Crazed-stalker – Goblin
Kodt Dark-slime – Goblin
Zat Moss-brain – Goblin
Mtegod Cavern-blade – Goblin

Drego Home-bones – Halfling Male
Perappi Good-weaver - Halfling Male
Ruby Corn-burrow – Halfling Female
Goldberry Cold-eye – Halfling Female

Augduring Ring-enchanter – Male Magi
Narallos Dire-singer – Male Magi
Edana Dragon-hunter – Female Magi
Kalyca Hex-bloodrinker – Female Magi

Eagungad Ogre-poker – Orc
Kraugug Claw-cutter – Orc
Narfu Shadow-torturer – Orc
Jughragh Kobold-raper – Orc

Circu Coffin-biter – Vampiric Male
Kern Undead-stalker – Vampiric Male
Jora Night-storm – Vampiric Female
Cytheria Dark-hand – Vampiric Female

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