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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 23 Jul 2012 12:57 ]
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1.0 Introduction

The Final War series of games simulates the Third World War that devastated the Earth of Gunnery Sergeant DeShane, which occurred during the period of 2060 to 2077 AD. When the series is finished the maps will cover the Earth from Novaya Zemlya, above the arctic circle, to the northern edge of the Antarctic continent. The Full Campaign Game will add the rules for production and cover the entire seventeen year conflict.

Below are the games intended for the series:

1. The Final War: The China-Korea-Japan Theater of Operations

2. The Final War: The East Indian-Southeast Asian-Anzac Theater of Operations

3. The Final War: The Alaskan-British Columbian-Washington Theater of Operations

4. The Final War: The Greek-Israeli-Ethopian Theater of Operations

5. The Final War: The Quebecois Theater of Operations

6. The Final War: The European Theater of Operations

7. The Final War: The West Indian-Pakistani-Southwest Theater of Operations

8. The Final War: Bringing It All Together

The Final War series of games is played in turns, with each turn representing 1 month of real time. The game turn is composed of various Phases, which are further divided into Segments. Each Phase must be performed in the order listed. Some Phases and Segments are not performed in every scenario.

The Intermediate and Advanced game rules greatly slow down the pace of the game and creates a great deal of record keeping. All record keeping required by the game is performed through the use of markers and seperate record sheets.

The Final War series of games uses the Stepped Learning (or S.L.) method of introducing the players to the rules of the game. This allows the players to gradually, and easily, absorb the game system while the progressing complexity of the rules attempt to accurately portray Industrial scale mechanized warfare.

Due to the stepped construction of the rules, each scenario builds upon the rules presented in the preceding scenarios. It is STRONGLY recommended that the players play each scenario IN ORDER before advancing on to the more complex scenarios. Approached in this manner, The Final War series will become a much simpler gaming system to learn.

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