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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 30 Dec 2006 18:55 ]
Post subject:  Downloads

In this thread you will be able to download the mod and all associated files that go with it.




Author:  Þórgrímr [ 30 Dec 2006 18:58 ]
Post subject: 

Here are the main mod files and the mod music.

Main mod file Version 1.13 DL

Mod music file DL

I have been informed that a file over 101 mbs may cause errors with winzip. So I would recommend using a DL manager to resume any time out errors. :AE

To help out with that problem below is a link for a free download manager called GetRight. I have used it to dl the mod with no problems. So dl and install that if you are having problems. Sorry about that folks

GetRight Download Manager

Cheers, Þórgrímr

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 30 Dec 2006 19:53 ]
Post subject: 

Here are the Ambient sounds and titles of Ancient One and Flamand.

To use the title of Flamand's replace all the x_title pcx's marked x_title1 and such. For Ancient Ones just unzip into the Conquests\art folder.

Ambient sounds and titles

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 05 Jan 2007 09:18 ]
Post subject: 

Here is the new update. :AH

It Includes the following;
1. Flamand's new city screen, new civilopedia, small heads and sundry other gfx tweaks by the gfx guru. :bs
2. Maintenance cost tweaks
3. Took away the raider scout from the non raider civs
4. Added the units Eyebot, Mr. Handy, and the highwayman. Included the Brainbot unit, but not implemented yet.
5. Redid large portions of the map implementing the Wastelands terrain
6. Took away the regular workers ability to work the Wastelands terrain. Added worker jobs to the Enviro Armor Mg so they can work and remove the Wastelands terrian when the proper tech is researched.
6. Upped the starting money for the civs.
7. Settlers now only cost 3 pop to build. Vault Citizens now only cost 2 pop to build.
8. Many other tweaks to buildings and units, mainly in maintenance and costs.

EDIT: Link removed

Cheers, Thorgrimm

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