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Author:  Gelion [ 31 Dec 2006 06:56 ]
Post subject:  Civ 2 Fallout Mod

Hey guys. Firstly I'd like to say that you did a great job with the Civ 3 mod. Although lacking C3C I enjoyed watching the screenshots and reading action reports.

Earlier this month I had an idea of starting a Civ 2 mod in the universe of Fallout. So I started working on it. Mainly my problem has been in discussing ideas - few people know Fallout world well enough to add useful information. I hope that I can discuss the mod here and maybe get some of you involved.

Now to the mod:
It has two main goals in mind - immerse the player into the world of Fallout and allow him to lead one faction for control over the Wastes in a typical strategy game set like Civ 2 is.

The map (comprised of California and Nevada area) is big enough I thought the scenario could include both F1 and F2 areas. Since I want to balance "realism" (read "historical" Fallout events) and "playability" (being able to change the course of history and generaly being in charge of your faction) I decided that the game would take place after F1.

So far the starting date is 2221 and the game should last to around 2261 (so that F2 events can take place). It would be great if you can suggest a different (well argumented) starting date.

Since Civ 2 is a far less flexible game only 7 factions are allowed. I've so far included the following ones:

1. Arroyo
Arroyo is also in control of V13 (possibly). Arroyo is one small town in the beginning of the game. The goal of the player as Arroyo is to hold and expand the influence, while hunting animals and combating enemy tribals. At the end of Chosen’s quest Arroyo will get a huge boost in technology and some great events which will allow it to dominate the North if not the entire region. EVENT VICTORY

2. NCR
New California republic is a huge civilization compared to the rest. It unites more than 10 cities in the beginning of the game. The aim of the player as NCR is to continue physical expansion as well as trying to catch up with BoS on technology level to win a possible war with BoS. NCR is big, but surrounded by raiders and enemy parties on all sides, so it should fight continuously. CONQUEST VICTORY

3. Enclave
Located to the West of all Civilized nations Enclave unites 3 relatively small communities. Enclave is very advanced and only the special plans of the President keep them away from conquering California. The aim of the player as Enclave is to develop FEV project or if forces permit to physically conquer California. CONQUEST or TECHNOLOGY VICTORY

4. Brotherhood of Steel
Brotherhood controls (besides its base) the deserted area between LA and San Frano. It is the only force in the area holding Enclave and NCR in check. BoS will concentrate on fighting of NCR, monsters and finding out all they can on Enclave. CONQUEST or TECHNOLOGY VICTORY

5. Ghouls
Ghouls have spread out quite remarkably in the desert and they are in a position to build a totally new and unique society. Playing as ghouls means fighting through a lot of difficulties, with one of the main being: “not knowing how do build a civilization”. VICTORY – difficult.

6. Vault (City) Confederation
To add a bit of intrigue and freelance fiction Vault City will be a capital of a broad Vault confederation with its own unique city graphics. In order to keep up the “realism” all Vaults will be located far from each other. Vault player will face big challenges, but the main one is that all of his cities are isolated from each other. His aim would be to catch up with NCR and BoS and develop an infrastructure around his Vaults. If he succeeds then pockets of civilization can be united by force.

7. San Fransico (Shi)
Shi have plans to re-settle in the desert. Little do they know of Enclave menace. They have every chance to fight for survival in the wastes. San Frano’s strengths are population and the “greenification” technology. Shi player can expand and develop his technology watching carefully not to be swallowed by Enclave.

I'm still debating the existance of San Frano, Arroyo, Vaults and Ghouls in the game.

Critters, raiders and mutants would be represented by Barbarians.

I have a big problem with designing a tech tree and anything you could suggest is of great help.

In terms of canon, F1 and F2 are canon obviously, along with some parts of Van Buren (Hoover Dam area will be populated) and BoS tactics where it concerns technology and military units.

There are a lot of things to do and at this stage the game is very flexible. It will be great if some of you join me on this project!


Author:  Þórgrímr [ 31 Dec 2006 08:18 ]
Post subject: 

Gelion I will be most happy to give any suggestions I can. :bs

One thing civ 2 has over civ3 is the events ability. So you can create the major events of the RPGs.

As for start date, well I think thast unless you are going to fully create the factions with all their starting cities and units you should begin the game a lot earlier. I would suggest October 2077. Just after the nukes flew. That gives the civs time to fight the wastelands itself and possibly expand and get ready for the events from the RPGs.

For victories I would have a tech victory for the NCR, as they were non expansionist in the rpgs.

For the BOS I would have a tech victory only. They wanted knowledge, not conquest.

For the Ghouls I would have a tech victory. Since I think they would try to find a way to cure their condition or make themselves fertile again.

For the vault Confederation I would suggest tech or conquest victories. Also the Vault COnfed should have a higher starting tech base than the others. The same with the Enclave.

But since you can have only 7 civs, I would replace the Shi with the Unity. The supermutants were a BIG part of FO1. They would have a tech or conquest victory.

Cheers, Thorgrimm

Author:  Gelion [ 31 Dec 2006 10:54 ]
Post subject: 

If I were to do a less generic scenario with timed events and cities in their "historical" locations after F1 then:
- would there be a point to having the unity?
- if not who could take their place as the 7th faction?

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 31 Dec 2006 13:33 ]
Post subject: 

Gelion wrote:
If I were to do a less generic scenario with timed events and cities in their "historical" locations after F1 then:
- would there be a point to having the unity?
- if not who could take their place as the 7th faction?

Yeah there is. The mutants are a nasty conquering civ. They would have a tech, event or conquest victory. So the other civs would have to unite or focus on them to keep them from winning.

The Shi if you do not want to use the Unity.

Cheers, Thorgrimm

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