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 Post subject: The Suffering: Ties That Bind
PostPosted: 01 Oct 2005 16:04 
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Okay, beat it not five minutes ago so here we are.

The best of The Suffering comes back, along with some new stuff in this sequal. The visceral and gory carnage and mayham we all love is back, with a new twist. Insanity mode is much more important here (I never used it in the first one) but in this you need it to kill certain enemies. The old classics like the Mainliner, Slayer, Burrower, and Marksmen are back, with new units, the Hounds, Triggermen, Arsonists and some others.

Before you start, if you beat The Suffering you can choose to start with any of the moral levels you finished with (good, neutral, and evil), I chose good.

The game starts off with an interactive opening movie, you're in Eastern Baltimore Prison five years ago. Nothing important here, just some cool goings on.

Right away you're back on the boat returning from Carnate. Some weird military-esque people quickly usher you into a dockside building, where the lights go out and so do you. When you come to your guards are dead and thier weapons are gone. You make your way through the slums of baltimore running into some monsters and such. That's all of the story I'll put up, wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

Anyhoo, as far as gameplay goes, a lot is the same, but more has changed. If you're on fire you now have the option to stop drop and roll to put it out and such. The morality system is the sameish, but it too has changed. Based on your decisions not only does the endgame change, so too does a boss battle and your Insanity weapons. Level 2 of the Good choices gets you 3 machine guns for your area weapon in Insanity, and that's as far as I got. I don't think it could go much higher, the only person I didn't save was because it was a really hard part and he accidentally died, I wasn't about to go back and try again. Luckily they cut out the more thinky moments, leaving only a couple times when you'll have to actually think about what to do. There won't be many moments you'll be calm if you're playing this right (in the dark with the lights off), and there're a couple of piss-your-pants scary moments if you play in those conditions. You won't get turned around much, and the times you do it will be brief.

Plot answered almost all my questions, so I gotta give that a good review, but it did leave some nagging questions, and the answers didn't leave me wholly satisfied.

Anyhoo, if you absolutely love getting bloody, you'll buy this game. If you like action horror games, at least rent it. It's very replayable, so I recommend buying it. If you rent it, you'll want to rent it more than once.

So to recap:
Frustration:8/10 (Some parts will have you pulling your hair out)
Scariness (in the right conditions):10/10
Replayability:10/10(You screwed something up the first time, or you'll want to play as an evil/good person)

I don't think there's anything else I could rate this on. Anyhoo, if you've got the cash, it's worth adding to your game collection.

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