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Report: French "Totally Cool" with German Invasion
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Author:  BOS13 [ 06 Jul 2006 02:27 ]
Post subject:  Report: French "Totally Cool" with German Invasion

I was playing Civ3 today, (and pwning, if I do say so myself) and when I established contact with the rest of the world I immediately began setting up alliances to trigger a world war. After I was engaged in war with France (along with the rest of the world) I decided to invade and destroy one city, Avignon, which had the only Wonder that France had. (Shakespeare's theater) I landed a few transports full of Infantry on the hills above the city, expecting them to immediately ferry in reinforcements to the area to defend it, and ended my turn. Not only were my men unharmed, the Frogs didn't even reinforce the city. I fought a Pikeman, a Spearman, and a Rifleman to take the city. After razing it to the ground and leaving only three Infantry units where it was, I thought for sure they'd attack now that I've struck such a grievous injury. Nope. My men were able to leave French turf without taking a single casualty. I have a Transport group loaded with Marines to destroy Paris, and I expect about the same response. Anyhoo, I just felt like putting this up because it's essentially the real-life French military response--"Ignore them and they'll go away".

EDIT: The frogs had a few more units in Paris, but once the city went down they didn't bother trying to retaliate. I pulled my units out (I don't feel like committing to a major war yet, plus I'm a democracy) and signed a peace agreement with them so my citizens will quit bitching.

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