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Mass Effect Walkthrough
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Author:  BOS13 [ 01 Dec 2007 22:50 ]
Post subject:  Mass Effect Walkthrough

NOTE: Let's keep this to the walkthrough only. If anyone wants to comment on it, please do so in the other thread. I'd prefer to keep this relatively tidy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I’m going to put an asterisk by the choices I made, just in case you were wondering.


You need a preservice history, son.

Spacer—Born and raised in space, you followed your parents into the Alliance Military.*

Colonist—You were born on an Alliance colony, and your family and friends were killed by slavers. You were saved by Alliance soldiers, and enlisted shortly thereafter.

Earthborn—An orphan on Earth, you joined the Alliance military not long after you turned 18.

Now that that’s handled, what are you famous for?

Sole Survivor—The only survivor of an epic battle.

War Hero—You led your unit through an intense battle, doing something quite heroic to save them.

Ruthless—You’re willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to do your mission*


Soldier--Weapons. No more, no less. Only class capable of using heavy armor. Also the only class capable of training with assault rifles.*

Engineer--Tech abilities and pistols. Uses light armor. Not recommended for first-timers. You can repair your APC, the Maco, a lot easier with its electronics abilities, and can open harder items with the decryption skill. Drawback is your powers are mostly defensive. Heck, I have a hard time with it still.

Adept--Use the force, Luke. A powerful psyker. Uses light armor, no weapons skills to speak of. On the bright side, you can use your psyker abilities (mostly telekinesis oriented stuff) to fling enemies across maps, freeze them in place, etc. Haven't played as this yet, but looking forward to it.

Infiltrator--Combat/Tech. Can use medium armor, good with pistol and sniper. Keeps the electronics and decryption skills, for all your door opening/car fixing needs.

Sentinel--Tech/Psyker. Light armor. No weapons. On the bright side, you can overheat your enemies weapon, knock out their shields, and fling them across the room. Or just freeze them and let your allies take them apart.

Vanguard--Psyker/combat. Medium armor. Pistol/shotgun combo works for close range, but you're vulnerable at long range. Bring a sniper with you, because you'll seriously regret it if you don't. Best hybrid class for a new player with their heart set on using a hybrid.

It should be noted, once you unlock the (Weapon) Expert achievement, you can get a class to use that even if they don't normally have it. For example, once you unlock Assault Rifle Expert, any class besides soldier (soldier being the only one where you can usually train in AR use) can choose to have the Assault Rifle skill to train in.

I trust you to handle making your character’s physical appearance yourself.


You can get some Paragon (good) or Renegade (evil) points in your opening conversation. As a general rule, you get Renegade points by picking the dialogue option at the bottom, and Paragon for picking the ones at the top. Put points into Charm and Intimidate to really take advantage of these later.

Talk to the Navigator if you want, for a little background, and just beyond him are Doctor Chakwas, your medical officer, and Corporal Jenkins, a Marine who will accompany you here. Talk to them to earn some Paragon or Renegade points. Paragon or Renegade opportunities will be noted with a (P/R) from here on.

Go talk to Nihlus, the Turian Spectre. He’ll talk to you, and you find out what you’re actually here for. To snag a Prothean Beacon. You’re interrupted by a distress call from the surface. Seems things are going to hell down there. Suit up, Marine, you’re going in.


Right when you hit dirt, there’s a crate with some goodies in the pool of standing water ahead of you, just go into it and hang a right. Now, on the path you’ll eventually hit a cutscene and get to watch Jenkins get wasted. Well, he was useful…not. Ice the drones and keep going. You’ll run into some more, then you get to watch another cutscene. Meet Ashley, your first potential romance partner. Talk to her and keep going. Aaaaand, it’s another cutscene. Kill the Husks and open the doors to the sheds. Inside you meet two scientists, and can get some Renegade points here by knocking one of them upside the head.*

A little further down the line, you see your soon to be archenemy Saren and your good Spectre friend (or not) Nihlus. Nihlus is surprised by Saren’s presence, and Saren, his good friend, responds the way any rational person would—by blowing Nihlus’s brains all over the spaceport. Well, it was nice knowing you, Nihlus.

After a brief fight, you can free some more people in a shed. They’ve got some smuggled goods, and you need to charm or intimidate them into giving them to you. Rack up some P/R points while you’re at it, too. Inside there’s a few boxes o’ stuff.

Head down to the spaceport, make sure you grab the two boxes of goodies and then examine Nihlus’s body. A dockworker will let you know what happened. If you got the name of the other survivor’s smuggler contact, you know this be he. Harass him, and he’ll give up grenades. Charm or intimidate him, and he’ll give you an upgrade for said grenades: A high explosive upgrade. Plug that sucker in.

Take out the Geth on the train, and meet Saren’s bomb squad. Defuse the bombs on the platform, ice the remaining Geth, sweep the area for crates of nice things, and activate the Beacon to end the level.

Weird cutscene, wasn’t it? You’ll figure out what that means in time, young Padawan.

Here’s a tip, if you want to make the beast with two backs with Ashley, BE AS NICE AS POSSIBLE. I would think that would go without saying, but I screwed it up on my first playthrough, so don’t make my mistake.

Author:  BOS13 [ 02 Dec 2007 15:54 ]
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You come to in the med bay, with your potential love interest hanging with the doctor. You get some P/R if you want, and then Captain Anderson comes in. Tell him what happened, then step outside.

Your romance interest is outside in the mess, with another P/R choice there. Remember—Paragon choices get you laid later.

Head to your weapons locker. Grab your stuff and head upstairs to talk to Joker, your pilot. Watch the cutscene, and enjoy your first view of the Citadel. The massive Prothean space station that acts as the center of the galactic government.

Right when you step off the ship you see your ambassador arguing with the Council. The Council rules the majority of the galaxy, and is made up of one member from each Member Race. A Turian, a Salarian, and an Asari. They agree to meet with you to hear the evidence against Saren, and your Ambassador departs with Captain Anderson to go to the Citadel Tower to meet with them. Might as well tag along, you can’t do most of the side quests here until this is cleared up.

When you get there, you meet a pair of arguing Turians. Remember the one who talks to you, you’ll be seeing him later. The Council refuses to revoke Saren’s Spectre status. Insufficient evidence, blah blah blah. But you’re not going to drop it. Captain Anderson suggests you meet with a crooked Citadel Security officer named Harkin, who hangs out in a bar in the Wards. He also points you toward an investor named Barla Von, an agent of the mysterious Shadow Broker.

Outside Chora’s Den, you’ll meet a few assassins who were hired to kill you. Adorable how they think they have a chance. Deal with them and continue on.

In the bar, you’ll meet Harkin, who will point you towards Garrus, the Turian you met going to the Council meeting. He’ll tell you to get him at the med clinic in the Wards.

When you arrive, the doctor is involved in a mild hostage situation. Clear it up, and Garrus joins you. He’s good with assault rifles, sniper rifles, and tech abilities. I always have him replace Kaiden Alenko, your default human party member.

Barla Von’s in the Financial District, straight across the way from the Human Embassy. Go say hey, and he’ll tell you that a Krogan named Wrex is looking for help taking down the owner of the bar where you just were. The name should sound familiar. Before you talked to Harkin you saw him arguing with another Krogan. Wrex is in the C-Sec Academy, just down the stairs from the Med Clinic.

You’ll see him talking to some C-Sec officers, and he’ll offer to join you. If you want him, he’s good with Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and biotic powers. He’s a good complement to Garrus, but I always keep Ashley with me, because she’s good general fire support. I’m not big on the biotic powers.

Go to the bar again. Everyone’s cleared out, and there are a bunch of armed guards. Ice them and open the door to the back room. A pair of warehouse workers confront you. You can make them leave for some P/E points, or off them. Either way, open the weapons locker before you get into a fight with Fist.

Blow his turrets or take him down, and now you get to interrogate him. A Quarian has the info you need, and Fist set her up to get killed. That’s why the Shadow Broker wants him dead. The Quarian has very valuable information, and the Shadow Broker deals in information.

If Wrex is with your party, he kills Fist. He was hired by the Shadow Broker to kill him. If he isn’t, you can kill him or let him flee. Either way, you need to save the Quarian.

Run to the Wards alley and interrupt a team of assassins trying to bring her down. Kill them, save her, and she’ll provide you the evidence you need to take Saren down. A short dialogue sequence later, you’re presenting your evidence to the Council. Aww snap, homeboy aint a Spectre no more. Not only that, you get the position, becoming the first Human Spectre. You can rack up some P/R points if you want here, as well.

Run back to the dock to find out that Captain Anderson has “stepped down” as commanding officer of the Normandy. The ship is yours now. Make a speech to the crew (P/R) and go to the map. You can now go anywhere in the galaxy.

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