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 Post subject: The End of Days
PostPosted: 21 Apr 2007 23:08 
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Well folks it seems that the time has come for the ol Gunny to close the chapter on the Gunny Saga Roleplays. All the participants have moved on to other things in their lives, and many wishes for happiness in whatever they do in their lives.

These Roleplays were started to help me develop some new characters for the Saga, and boy howdy have we got some stellar characters! :bs

We have the Made Woman Naomi Alverz created and originally run by Naomi Hunter who has went to England for school. Last the Gunny heard she had a beau. Many happy returns darlin, was fun RPing with you.

We have Norman 'Dranz' Wagner created and originally run by ReVenge who has moved on to others things in his life. Thanks bud, I like Dranz a lot. he let me write about the shy side of the ol Gunny.

We have Roadrunner created and originally run by, who else, Roadrunner. She gave the Saga a spiritual side and I always looked forward to RR's posts. They always hit the mark. RR has moved on and one thing I must say just in case she ever reads this post, have faith my friend. If you hold on to your dreams and never lose sight of them they can be achieved. :AH

We have Dante Aligheri who was created by me but was given his final personality by SuAside, that lovable Belgian who did a great job turning Dante from a cookie cutout of Gunny into a seperate being. Good luck on what ever you do in your life bud, and thanks for everything.

We have Tyler Bellford created and run by Scrapper. Tyler was a great character and Ed was the only person who gave me hope that one day I might become a writer. So no matter what has happened between us, Ed will always be welcome where ever I am.

We have Carib 'FMJ' Stryfe created and run by one of my best friends, Rama Toulon. Carib may have an edge to him, but deep down inside the character knows what is and is not right.

We have Walther Essex created and also run by Rama. Walther was the quintiessential evil arch-enemy who also just happened to have been firm friends with the Gunny in the world that was. In the end, Gunny's faith and friendship for Walther brought him back from the brink and showed him the path to redemption. But that path is never a light one, for it cost him the loss of his son, our next mini character profile.

We have Exarian Khun created and run by Rama. Exarian was the son of Walther who may have been a ruthless bastard in the wastes, but when it came down to it he was an honorable man and finally found peace and redemption in doing good and helping others that he never found as an outlaw. Rama one thing, keep the faith brother and you to shall become a gunslinger.

And finally, last but certainly not least, we have Rob and his motley crew to mention. When Rob first joined the RP his writing seemed more like an essay on physics than writing on people and their hopes wants and desires. But as he continued to post an amazing thing occurred, his writing began to change. You could begin to finally empathize and care for the characters, especially the Lt and the Top, Chad. He gave us the haunting look at what the evil of men can do if unleashed and not constrained by the values and mores of civilization. Rob has grown up and found a woman and a band. Good luck with both my friend and may your wants and desires are eventually attained by you. You have helped the Saga in more ways than you think.

The Gunny slowly walks over to the bunker door and turns and takes one last look back, "They were a good crew, may god watch over them and grant them their desires." He turns off the light and closes the door on the way out.


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man, you gotta realise that thor and bos fell out of the patriot tree (like the ugly tree, but instills patriotism instead of ugly) and hit every branch on the way down.

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