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Any going?
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Author:  wolfblade [ 09 Aug 2006 14:32 ]
Post subject:  Any going?

I love Jason Mical's PnP interpretation.... What do I do to get involved and/or where do I go?

Author:  Benno the Mad [ 09 Aug 2006 22:02 ]
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have no idea on who tht guy is or his interpretation... but if you're serious get ahold of thor, and check out the other threads in this subforum.

also, be serious. we've already lost 2 guys because of stupid.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 10 Aug 2006 00:36 ]
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Wolf, in his own mad way :w Benno is correct. Check the other threads and post a character for approval or disproval. And as for the losses, well, that is what happens when you ignore a GM's warning. :bs

Cheers, Thorgrimm

Author:  Benno the Mad [ 10 Aug 2006 01:39 ]
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i was referring to jason mical.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 10 Aug 2006 02:55 ]
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Benno the Mad wrote:
i was referring to jason mical.

He is the dude who wrote the PnP rules conversion. :AH

Author:  wolfblade [ 11 Aug 2006 00:25 ]
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Allrighty... I'll check out the forums for THor's rules.... But it'll be awhile before I get involved.... Gotta get settled with VMFA-314 in Miramar first and get my laptop back on its feet before I start.
One question....

How to hell do you play?

Author:  BOS13 [ 11 Aug 2006 00:36 ]
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You'll have to submit a character conforming to the rules already set, and download Python, wxPython, and OpenRPG, then install them in that order. As for the gaming itself, beats me, my comp was acting up the first time we were trying it, so I missed the first session.

Author:  wolfblade [ 11 Aug 2006 11:51 ]
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That stinks... Well like I said, I would like to try and I've lived under the oppressive rule of a DM/GM/Referee that takes that paragraph that says the rules are yours to change and call quite heavily.... My Dad.... But it makes for fun-ass gaming!

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