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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 24 May 2005 14:54 ]
Post subject:  Session Logs

This post was origionally made by Phauxe Kitsune on the old PnP site.

Thanks Thor :D As warned, though, it took me a few days to get time for this. Here is an expansion of what you gave me.

To everyone, please fill in the blanks when I miss something and point out my mistakes. I'll edit this post later on based on your responses.

1. Buffy lost a weapon on a hunting mission. I don't recall exactly what the weapon was anymore. If I remember right, though, it was her and Blake who had been on the mission when the weapon was lost. They were now trying to recruit help at the village once they returned from the trip. As expected, Teiresias, Bishop, and Maloka all signed up. We left the village, but after a short distance decided it would be better to wait for morning. The next day, we left the village at 0800.
2, The trip wasn't all that exciting. The weapon had been left in a cave, so that was where we were going. Around 1000, we found an old Corvega. Don't remember who it was that examined it, but we found that it had a functioning Fuel Cell Regulator in it. Of course, we took the part with us.
3, We finally arrived at the cave around 1230. The rest of the trip there was spent just on smalltalk. Maloka and Teiresias began a competition over Buffy, trying their best to sm00b talk her. Blake, acting like a mutant, comments on how humans are such sexual creatures.
4. When we ventured in the cave, we followed Buffy's instructions to where the gun was suppossed to be. However, as we went in, we got distracted with talking. By the time we noticed the mole rats in front of us, it was too late. As a result, we began fighting with the Molerats at 12:45
5. Right away during the fight, we formed a straight line. Most of us were using melee attacks. Blake scored the first hit with his boomerang. However, he later critically missed and hit Bishop on the head with his metal pipe. Even worse, Blake was critically bit by a rat, which broke his leg. Buffy missed as well and broke her bat. For the rest of the battle, she used at is a sharpened stick. Bishop critically missed and sent his knife flying into the dark. Another bad thing that happened during the fight was when we left our backs exposed and three pig rats and another mole rat snuck up on us. That wasn't too fun. In the end, though, things finally began to go our way.
As the battle went on, we began to do better. Maloka and Teiresias eliminated the Molerats. A Pigrat critically missed, bit a stalagmite, broke its teeth and passed out. I don't know who all killed what in the end, but Teiresias killed two rats.
The battle lasted five minutes. Afterwards, we explored the cave further and found some caps, stims, and 3 rounds 5.56 ammo. Teiresias took the caps, and I think Buffy took the ammo. Not sure who captured the stims. After the battle, Blake pocketed some rat parts. Bishop recovered his knife. The group had a quick debate then about whether or not to explore the other chamber of the cave. For a moment, they did begin to explore. Realizing how late it was, though, they decided against going on and instead made their way back to the village.
6. Due to Blakes broken leg, the group arrived back at Corvega at sundown. They decided to stay the night there and guard in shifts. Maloka and Bishop would take the first shift, while Teiresias and Buffy would have the second. Blake was placed in the back seat. Buffy and Teiresias slept in the front and spooned.
7. The night is uneventful until 2230 when Maloka spots deathclaw on a ridge about 300 yards away. He wakes Teiresias, who in turn wakes Buffy. The group gets out of the car and seeks shelter behind it. Blake is left in the car. Teiresias never put his pants on after spooning, and realized it was too late to do so now.
8. After 45 minutes of looking at the deathclaws, the group wonders why they don't attack. Buffy suggests that they are smart deathclaws, and pushes Teiresias to approach and speak to them. Eventually, Teiresias does decide to approach without putting his pants on. At about 100 yards away, the claw becomes a little bit angry. Teiresias places his weapons down and approaches again. At about 50 yards, the lead deathclaw summons backup. More deathclaws arrive. It then becomes obvious they don't like the others hiding behind the car. Teiresias motions for them to approach, and they do. Then some strange shit happens. Teiresias trades the rat parts that Blake took with the deathclaws for caps. He then finds out that the claws come from V13, and were lead by Goris. Interested, Teiresias asks more, and is told to return in three nights to find out more. Goris was apparently missing at the moment. Odd.
9. Rest of night passes uneventfully.
10. The group arrives back at the village the next day. They return the gun to the village elder, but do not mention anything about the deathclaws. Thus ends the mission.

Eh, I wish I could've done this the night after we did the mission when my memory was more fresh.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 24 May 2005 14:55 ]
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This post was origionally posted by Phauxe Kitsune on the old PnP site.

Alright, link for you guys:

Yes, I made a bunch of dumb mistakes, especially right at the start. Eh, I'll make it up next time around.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 24 May 2005 14:58 ]
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Gents this is the post for the Oct 16 session. The link will take you to the html version. So read and enjoy. :ac

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 24 May 2005 15:00 ]
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Gents this is the post for the Nov 27 session. The link will take you to the html version. So read and enjoy. :ac

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 24 May 2005 15:01 ]
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Gents this is the post for the Dec 11 session. The link will take you to the html version. So read and enjoy. :s

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 02 Aug 2006 02:42 ]
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The session for 2 August

02 August

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