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Author:  Vuldacon [ 14 Apr 2006 14:56 ]
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And I have noticed that on raging you have at least three Barb uprisings and each barb camp spits out 25 advanced barbs. Expect a LONG and HARD fight boys, NOTHING should come easy in the wastes.
...Ken, with Raging Hordes set, when playing on deity level, you get over 40 Barbs at a time in one pack! and depending on how you are doing in the game (strength and position) happens very often and multiple Barb camps spawning Hordes all at the same time.

Author:  Vuldacon [ 14 Apr 2006 15:34 ]
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I noticed in the Editor that the "Raiders & Slaves" Never build settlers...why? Also, they only have 1 Bonus which is Militaristic.

The "New Reno Mobs" have only 2 Bonuses which are Militaristic and Commercial... all others have at least 3 or more.
...guess you know that you can set the Barbarian Aggression level in the editor using the slider bar, which is set medium by default.

The Default difficulty level for Fall Out is set at this the default setting you want?

Just a note about cities and the difficulty of capturing them....on the General page of the Editor, you can change the Defense levels for the cities stronger. This helps make them more difficult to capture because units inside the cities have greater Defense...the same way a Fortress works, which you can also change settings for. Once you have many units in a game, you start seeing the need to adjust attack and defense settings more for the units in order to have them all be made and played by the AI and worth making by humans as well. This can lead to Super Strong Units lol. A way to strengthen all cities is to start with towns and increase the Defense of each. The Towns have no extra defense by default, however, if you want to have them be more difficult to capture from the start of the game, give them a defense bonus. By the way, the settings used there are percent settings, which are used for mountains, hills and rivers etc... in the same way. So if you you want units to have a 50% increase in Defense when inside towns, cities etc...add 50 or increase the number by 50. These settings are for ALL Civs, so no way to adjust them for specific Civs. These settings and unit Hit Points are the best way to increase the strength of a Civ...but providing a CIV with a super low cost but very strong unit gives that Civ Great power in Numbers because they can Build Hordes of them...many ways we can adjust to get what we want concerning the AI and game play.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 14 Apr 2006 15:49 ]
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1. Part of the design philosophy, Raiders and Slavers by occupation NEVER settle down and create communities, only conquer them. :bs

2. As for the mobs, nothing else would fit them from civ that could be taken into account from the RPG.

3. Nope, that setting has not been changed for a long time. Been doing other things. :bs

Greg, I know about the towns having no inherent defense. How many new towns do you know that are a tough nut to crack militarily? :w They are weak on purpose, as a hint to the civs to build the city up as quickly as possible, or garrison them heavily till you can build the defensive structures that abound in the mod. :bs No offense to any small town dwellers, but they would be wiped out with no problems. Not enough structures or population to make a good defensive stance. :bs

Author:  Vuldacon [ 14 Apr 2006 18:20 ]
Post subject: the Raiders and Slavers have many towns to start then? ...Have to have a way for them to make units IF they are going to conquer others so do they gain units only by enslaving? for the towns, cities etc...well, not talking in "reality", merely for game setting control to gain what is needed IF units have to be set stronger...just another way to "adjust" if needed is all.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 14 Apr 2006 19:01 ]
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Yes the raiders and slavers will get initial cities.

I am going to leave them as, nothing in the mod is going to be easy, and anything that may help that is gonna be squashed. :twisted:

Author:  fe3333au [ 15 Apr 2006 02:15 ]
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Barbarian Uprisings

I researched this for the Civ3 MTDG I am involved in ... concerning the number of Barbs spawned during an Uprising.

Barbarian Setting
Roaming ... 8
Restless ... 16
Raging ... 24

Pity that cities cannot be destroyed during uprising ... or even captured :AM

Author:  Vuldacon [ 15 Apr 2006 03:43 ]
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I researched this for the Civ3 MTDG I am involved in ... concerning the number of Barbs spawned during an Uprising.

Barbarian Setting
Roaming ... 8
Restless ... 16
Raging ... 24

Werner...the numbers depends on the Level being played because I always get more than 40 at a time on Deity level using Raging Barb setting.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 15 Apr 2006 08:41 ]
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Werner, I am pretty sure Greg is right, those numbers are the base numbers, then you multiply that base by an amount determined by the difficulty level. :bs

Author:  fe3333au [ 17 Apr 2006 07:53 ]
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Maintenance Costs

I'm thinking that the upkeep of city improvements could be looked at ... particularly 4 gold per turn for Perimeter Defence and 2 gold for pallistrades.

In vanilla, Walls has zero upkeep ... I'm not sure I agree, but maybe 2 and 4 are too much.

I will have to do an analysis at some stage ... so we can discuss.

Also I'm thinking a Cafe' should also give economic advantages in addition to the happy face bonus thing ... because later in the game cash is importants.

I have a hard time building ans maintaining ... playing Enclave at the default difficulty. To manage a posative eonomy, with more than 10% Science ... 80% of my cities must be producing WEALTH !!!

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 17 Apr 2006 09:40 ]
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Werner, then you are playing the mod like regular civ. :bs In this mod you have to think outside the box and do things differently. I do not cheat and as the Enclave, even without the small wonder The Rediscovery of Trade, I am near a positive cash outlay by 2177. :bs

In this mod if you expand too fast or build too many units, yes you are going to have monetary problems. Reasons why,

1. A continious flow of settlers will keep your cities small and not large enough to support your economy and military.

2. Armies are expensive! Look at history as an example, more often than not most nations would go bankrupt if a war was prolonged. The support of military units in civ is not high enough IMO. Civ rewards aggression, not economically punishes it as in real life. Then add in the fact you are struggling to scratch out a living in a post apoc setting should make it twice as difficult to maintain them.

Now the key in this mod is SLOW growth, and use only one city for settler production. Something totally reversed from vanilla civ. Heck in my playtest I have an embarrassingly HUGE amount of money coming in. In the test I am running right now my income is +43 per turn! And it is only 2183.

But of course I am using the tips I just gave you to, and I have only five cities, a small reaction force, and only Mariposa producing settlers. :bs

Oh on that, Werner, I have to switch into team lead mode now. As much as I love your enthusiasm, I need you to remain focused on testing the Enclave and put on hold the other side projects you have going and post your reports on that playtest. Those reports are NEEDED ASAP. Now don't feel I am picking on you, as I also Jumped Rob about the same thing yesterday. You two are the only testers on the team right now. So it is CRITICAL that you two remain focused on the tasks I assign you. :AH

Do not worry, there WILL come a time when you can do all the other items you wish to do. But right now remain focused on the tasks I assign. :bs

And just to make sure there is NO mis-communication, In the testing of the civs, I require you to build and use in game, every unit, every building, and every wonder available to that civ. When that is accomplished and a sufficient number of reports have been generated, I will assign you another task. :AH

Team Lead mode cancelled. Friend mode restored.

I hope you do not take offense at this Werner, but we need to remain focused if we ever want to finish this magnum opus we are creating. :bs

Author:  fe3333au [ 18 Apr 2006 04:19 ]
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Enclave 2304 ... see main forum for yesterdays game report.

I failed to mention that my new strategy to quickly build cities' improvements is to build Human Aquaduct and then Water Filters first ... this increases the population by 2 every pop rise.

That way I can get population to rapidly increase so I can rush all the other improvements I need.

It seems to easy ... perhaps add a negative effect which creates Unhappy citizens when a pop is culled by rushing?

... if this modifier is already in place forgive me ... I cannot really tell at a glance due to the number of luxes i have access to.

Author:  Vuldacon [ 18 Apr 2006 09:58 ]
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It seems to easy ... perhaps add a negative effect which creates Unhappy citizens when a pop is culled by rushing?
..The Editor has the "Turn Penality for Each Hurry Sacrifice" set at 20. Guess your Luxuries are offsetting some of the negative effects they should. Players seem to "find the way" as far as strategies go, that serve to help their game play more as they want.
...on that note, I am not sure if creating a game that is just difficult to almost impossible to win is what makes a game Fun to play for everyone. Challenging play that offers many possible strategies that accommodate different individuals and that while not easy and the possibility of losing is there unless one playes well, the ways to Win are also there to be discovered. Unless something is set that drastically alters the balance of a game in an "unfair" manner, all is there to discover ones personal strategy to have Fun playing ones own way to beat the AI.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 18 Apr 2006 10:00 ]
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Werner, good strategy. But that can cause problems itself. Too many small cities can have a large drain on the economy. And I see your cities are stuck at size ten. Your next objective to expand the Enclave should be the tech that allows cities to grow beyond size ten, The Rad absorber. :bs

As, it seems you are in the mid era, and your small cities are holding you back. As for rushing improvements for the Enclave, it has the same detriments as regualr pop killing for rushing as regular civ. If you do it too many times, there will begin to be signs of unhappiness.

When you start on another civ, and I know just the one, :w you will be wishing for all those luxuries once again. Each civ has certain advantages and disads, all to keep the gameplay from becoming a repeat of the other civs. :AH

Author:  fe3333au [ 18 Apr 2006 10:10 ]
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I am certainly enjoying The Enclave ... in a real game I would be playing it more cautiously.

I'm certainly enjoying the canines now that it is safe in the northern badlands.

I have found that trading luxes is helping alot ... without it I would certainly be in deep brahmin fertilizer :w

And ecrtainly at higher difficulty levels it would be very tough ... I am playing at default.

Author:  Vuldacon [ 18 Apr 2006 11:28 ]
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Werner, you "Lucky" Dude....getting to play. I am looking forward to playing the MOD when I get the chance. Sure am glad you are "on the job" ...I know between you aand Rob, all bugs will be found and we can correct them once and for all.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 18 Apr 2006 11:51 ]
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New update is up for DLing. :AH

Author:  Vuldacon [ 18 Apr 2006 12:57 ]
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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 18 Apr 2006 13:48 ]
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Answered in chat. But for the benefit of others, it is in the updates thread. Don't let the locked status stop you. I can post there so all updates will be going there.

You all can still access the dls inthat thread. Just can't post there. :bs

Author:  fe3333au [ 20 Apr 2006 05:04 ]
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Observations on Patch 7 version

I like the abbreviations of the civ names in the chooser screen.

New Play screen looks good ...
... However I'd get rid of October from Date
> KingArthur did it for the Escape from Zombie island 2 mod
... I have it, so tell me where to look or ask him directly.

The Enclave.

Unit button options take some getting used to ... but I think I'm good with it .
... if anything lighten it up a bit.

New pollution looks good at first view ... will be interested how it looks with green goo.

Scary environment with the multitude of Radscorpions around ... havn't moved Settler yet ... too dangerous :w

Found graphics error ... will report in bug with screenie.
... a thin brown line is evident when map scrolled, perhaps associated with new screen format?

Author:  fe3333au [ 20 Apr 2006 06:39 ]
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Sound seems to be uncontrolable ??? ... and hence the default is very low volume.
... unable to give feedback on unit sounds.

Resource ... mistitled ... RadscorpionsScrap
:AE actually I see what has happened ... Scrap has replaced Shield.
... Radscorpions as a title is just too long :sad

Date 2089 AD
... Canine managed to dodge the radscorpion manace and find New Reno. :AH
... Strangely 5 workers are huddled in the safety of the city?
... I suspect that the scorpions have eaten all military units.
... I will 'waste' much needed cash to establish an embassy.
... he has a pistol man inside and is building a settler.
:AM I got cocky and moved the canine next to a scorpion ... RIP :cry

Unit Opion Frustration ... Just noticed that I cannot build an initial unit :vm
... maybe reason the New Reno Mobs have hit a stalemate.
... I will trade World Maps to see what they have discovered.
... They explored west
Exact area very hard to tell ... The map is too dark ... lighten up a bit ?!!!

I will buy workers from them, also have techs.
5 Workers + $864 for Chemistry and Fortification

... OK I have now connected and can make Militia
... still think that if others cannot make a basic military, it will slow things down for AI.

Turn 2095 ... Platform built first Settler :mrgreen:

Author:  Vuldacon [ 20 Apr 2006 07:12 ]
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Werner...the Unit sounds need adjusting because they have different sound levels...this is why you hear them at different strengths. The Music should be at a constent level as you have it set. If this is the case, it will show you that it is the differences in sound levels for the units. I know this for sure but you can check the above and see if this is true for you as well. for the Dark map, I believe it is suppose to be but should become lighter as you discover more territory and the map is more lit. You might also try adjusting your Monitor Brightness and Contrast.

Author:  fe3333au [ 20 Apr 2006 07:47 ]
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My point about sound is that I am unable to adjust the various volumes through Preference options.

The darkness is a personal preference ... just wondering how many others agree :AH

Author:  Vuldacon [ 20 Apr 2006 08:02 ]
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so are you saying that you cannot adjust any sound volumes in Options with the slider bars?

Author:  fe3333au [ 20 Apr 2006 08:14 ]
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Yes Sir :bs


Author:  Vuldacon [ 20 Apr 2006 08:23 ]
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slide "ALL Sounds" all the way to the Right then adjust the other two as you want.

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