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 Post subject: Earth Coalition Stats
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2005 17:27 
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Earth Coalition
The Empire run by the cradle of humanity is the largest and strongest in all of Human Space. All member planets take place in the elections, every eight years. The Empire is run by a President, with Judicial and Legislative branches equivelant to that of 20th century America. The armed forces for Earth are elite and numerous, but the current president is reluctant to send troops into combat, save for matters of defense of the member worlds. Their capital is Earth City, formerly Washington DC.

Government Type: Earth is a representative republic, much along the lines of the nation of the "USA" that existed before the merging of all Earth governments and countries. Elections are held every four years for presidents, two years for congressmen and six for senators. Presidents are limited to four three terms. A judicial branch handles the interpretation of laws.

Economy: Earth has a somewhat regulated capitalistic economy, again modeled on the United States. Companies are basically free to do what they wish within legal and ethical boundaries. The Standard Credit, the unit of currency used throughout most of Human Space, is backed by Earth's economy and that of its colonies, and consequently is the strongest and most prevalent type of currency in the universe.

Religion: The Earth government makes no law abridging a citizen's religious freedom so long as it does not violate the law. Everything from Roman Catholicism to paganism to satanism to messianic cults can be found within the boundaries of Earth space.
Units unique to Earth are as follows:

Supercarrier--One of the strongest ships made, second only to the Darkfire Juggernought, the Supercarrier class has enormous shielding and four hulls. Ten fighter bays line each side, each bay with up to thirty single ships. The Earth single ships are described below. Another major advantage of the Supercarrier is that it boasts six plasma turrets, each built to fire beams of plasma instead of the much slower and weaker plasma torpedoes.

Earth Fighter--Earth prides itself on its carriers and fighters. It is for this reason that their fighters are the most advanced in the galaxy. Equipped with not only the standard shields, Air to Air Missiles, and plama weaponry, they are armed with Anti-Matter missiles. These missiles deliver a payload that could simply vaporize a fighter, but are much more effective against capital ships. It is for this reason that Earth fighters are the bane of her enemies.

Abductor Ship--The Abductor Ship is smaller than a Frigate, and designed for a much different purpose. It is designed specifically for boarding and taking enemy ships. Normally loaded into fighter bays on a Carrier or Supercarrier, they can hold up to one company of Earth Marines in armored vacuum suits. The ship then launches at phenominal speeds into the hull of enemy capital ships. The ship is designed to penetrate into the enemy ship, depositing the marines in a vacuum. The holds on the Marines are released and doors open all along the length of the ship. Committing to this strategy when the enemy ship has functional shields is not recommended.

Black Ops--The most special of special forces, Black Ops are the universe's most elite and adaptable infantry. From the armor that makes them entirely undetectable to the silent and accurate pulse weapons they carry, to the stealth ships that are the smallest to mount Beam Drive and invisible to shipborne sensors, they are commonly called "Wraiths" by the members of enemy factions for their ability to pull off incredibly intricate raids and extract before the enemy has any idea what's going on.

Defender Tank--With less armor than Darkfire MBT's, the Defender is much lighter, and consequently more maneuverable. Armed with a plasma cannon and a laser turret coaxal for anti-infantry fire, it is evenly matched with most Darkfire armor, and superior to all known armor designs of other empires.

Crusader Walker--Standing twenty-five feet tall and armed with a pair of light plasma cannons as well as a rack of anti-air missiles on its back, a Crusader is an intimidating sight. They're a very general unit, and are quite capable of functioning against armor, air, and infantry.

Paladin-Class Battlecruiser--Needing a heavy ship capable of dishing out and taking a beating, Earth engineers and scientists came up with the Crusader. A heavily modified version of the Bismarck-class Battlecruiser, it is one of very few ship classes capable of going toe to toe with a Darkfire Battleship. Its advantage lies in its heavy shielding and mobility. In addition to its considerable arsenal, it houses 30 fighters to provide a screen in a combat situation, preventing enemy craft from reaching the ship.
The standard weapons of Imperial Earth:
Army:Laser Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Automatic Guass Rifle, Automatic Plasma Rifle, Microwave Sniper Weapons
Marines:Laser Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Automatic Guass Rifle, Automatic Plasma Rifle, Microwave Sniper Weapons
Exclusive Technology:
Super Ship Technology (Super Carriers)
Anti-Matter Technology (Anti-Matter Missiles)
Stealth Technology (See "Black Ops")
Earth Armors:*

Earth Combat: Light armor, lightly shielded. The armor focuses more on improving the information given to the wearer than protecting him. It provides standard shielding against energy weapons, and moderate protection against ballistic attacks. The sensor suite is a true showcase of modern Earth technology, providing sensitive sensors for every spectrum. This is the standard armor of the Earth forces.

Earth Power: Heavier and stronger than the Combat Armor, the Power Armor used by Earth is still light by standards of the other worlds. It provides greater mobility than the heavy armor used by most other Empires though, and that advantage isn't to be underestimated.

Earth Advanced Power: The heaviest armor Earth uses. The shielding strength is enormous, and the mobility of the wearer is only slightly inhibited.

Earth Special Forces Armor: Designed to make the wearer impossible to detect, the Earth Special Forces Armor masks both their infrared and visible signatures, as well as damping down sounds and other possible means of detection. The protection provided by it is roughly the same as Earth Combat Armor.

*Note: All Earth armors are equipped with climate-control functions, and have internal water reserves holding up to two liters of watter.
Fleet Order of Battle:

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