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 Post subject: Draconis Empire
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2005 17:54 
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Faction Three: Draconis Empire
The Draconis Empire is a small group of planets on the outer fringes of Human Space. They are the only absolutely self sufficient group, depending on trade between the member planets to keep their army running. Their army, navy, and marine corps are incredibly well trained and elite, more than making up for their small size with their brilliance in tactical matters and superior technology. They were the first to develop plasma and rail technology for infantry, and the first to develop several now common vehicles in Human Space.

Unlike the other factions, Draconis does not feel limited by the law, instead they choose to ignore it completely. It is little secret that they often supply both sides during wars, and are currently outfitting both Earth and Darkfire in their war with each other. Draconis troops are also regularly leased to the highest bidder. Though some Empires have been angry with Draconis over this, the only time a war against them was ever tried resulted in utter failure.

Darkfire and MacroHard united to destroy the Draconis more than three generations ago. The attempted invasion of their homeworld was a complete failure, and the enemy ships in orbit were nearly instantly vaporized. Draconis ships then arrived at several worlds of both enemy factions, either destroying them outright or burning their defenses, forcing their surrender. Draconis troops have no equals in combat due to their extreme specialization, but their small size limits them. Their capital is a gigantic Worldship, that is constantly moving between their systems.

Government Type: Ostensibly, the Draconis Empire is an oligarchy, but true authority ultimately rests in the hands of the Emperor. He serves as commander-in-chief of all Draconis armed forces, and does not hesitate to have anyone who he believes to be a threat killed.

Economy: Perhaps out of sync with the government type, the Draconis believe in pure capitalism. The government rarely interferes with economic matters, and as such, Draconis citizens are rather affluent. The vast majority of Draconis companies focus on researching and developing new technologies. The Draconis do not tax their subjects, as the sales of the technologies researched in their labs more than pay for the government's expenses, though a they do have a sizable income from arms-dealing alone.

Religion: The closest thing there is to religion in Draconis space is the near-diefication of technology. Scientism is the dominant psuedo-religion of this belief, and is prevalent through all parts of the Draconis Empire.
Worldship--There is only one in existence, and the only accounts of what it's capabilities and weapons are are rumors and hearsay. Whatever the rumors may say, it is taken as a given that it is more than powerful enough to crush even a Darkfire Dreadnought and depopulate any planet.

Defense Drone--Automated drone built to attack anything it deems hostile. Six feet tall with laser weaponry. Can operate in vacuum as well as in atmosphere.

Spy Drone--Drone that works like a roving security camera. Transmits all data to display(A) or records all data to be viewed later.(B) A is the size of a full-grown male's pinky, B is the size of a small dog. Both can function in vacuum or atmosphere.

Colossus Tanks--Mass produced nightmares. A heavy laser cannon is mounted on the main turret. They are one of few tank types to utilize hover technology, though they push the weight limits. Two forward mounted Gauss cannons provide additional fire support.

Special Forces--Using cutting-edge technology, the Draconis SpecFor teams are highly trained in sabotage and assassination missions. Their small size prevents them from doing much else.

Clone Soldiers--Though the Draconis does use clone soldiers, they keep them in reserve for attacks in which numbers are key. The clones are normally equipped with several types of weapons, but most notably an acid weapon. Similar to a flamethrower the acid weapon sprays a phosphorous based acid several meters.

Dragon Brood--In a word, monsters. Originally mistakes of the Draconis geniticists, the Dragon Brood became more and more necessary as the Draconis' small numbers inhibited their growth. Taking their "mistakes" and refining them, the Draconis were able to create twisted killing machines. The Dragon Brood consists of three main types of organisms:
Brute--Up to twenty feet in height, the Brutes are by far the strongest of the Dragon Brood. The strongest of them could rip an unshielded tank in two, and the results when they were used against people were quite horrifying.
Ripper--The primary unit of the Dragon Brood, the Rippers are around six feet tall. They are incredibly agile and lithe, nimbler than human acrobats. They sport six- to eleven-inch long claws on each of their hands. This, along with four rows of serrated teeth make it a terrifying opponent.
Earwig--These are the rarest of the Draconis Dragoon Brood, and are never used in real combat. They are assassination tools. A small insect-like animal, it secretes a very strong acid under the right conditions. Upon coming in contact with a human host, it will burrow into their skin, make its way to the spinal cord, where it travels to the brain. It burns its way into the brain. Once there it produces copious amounts of the acid, killing itself and the host. Aside from the odd careless Draconis technician, no one has been "officially" killed by them. The estimated death count as a result of the Earwigs is more than three hundred.

Psi Infantry--Draconis troops train to be strong in both body and mind, but some favor one or the other. Physically adept infantry train to become Shock Troops, whereas those with extraordinary mental and psionic abilities train to become Psi Infantry. Due to the special training, their size is rather small. Each discipline has only roughly 1000 specialists, with only 103 Psi Infantry being able to perform the most difficult tasks of each discipline. These 103 are the most prized men and women in the Draconis Special Forces, and enjoy tremendous power and privilege. Utilizing psionic abilities honed from a young age Psi infantry's abilities include but are not limited to:
Telekinesis-Movement of objects and people. Psi operatives have been noted to lift things as heavy as a civilian car. Another skill involved is the creation of a "Psi Shield" around the user, blocking both projectile and energy weapons. This is often very taxing on the user.
Pyrokinesis-The spontaneous creation of fire. Most Psi Infantry hone this ability so that they can effectively "throw" walls of fire at their opponents. Adept units in this skill are able to ignite vehicles or small structures completely.
Remote Viewing-Agents are able to see things somewhere other than where they are. Most agents develop this minimally, as to see around a corner or through a door, but some have taken it much, much farther.
Mind Control-The most feared of a Psi soldier's abilities, mind control, is used rather often and is among the most advanced skills. Starting with simply controlling one person, advanced agents can control groups of people. This skill is most often used to cause an enemy soldier to either kill his companions or themselves, and is rumored to have been used in several assassinations.
Telepathy-The earliest skill learned by Psi Infantry, telepathy is merely the ability to speak without words, this is different from mind reading or mind control however, as only words that are intended to be heard are heard by the listener.

Omega Virus, Strain 13--A lethal, and highly illegal, bioweapon. The Omega Virus, Strain 13 is the final iteration of a long-running Draconis experiment to breed the ultimate biological weapon. 100% communicable and 100% lethal, any contact greater than three micrograms is lethal. The virus is airborne, waterborne, and bloodborne. In order to prevent accidents and increase its usability, the virus will die in ten minutes without a host.

Shock Troops--Using a new type of energy weapon known to the other sides only as Energy Weapon 1A, the Shock Troops of the Draconis military are separate from any other group. The energy weapon they use has been tentatively identified as a meson cannon. When it impacts a target the results are terrible and quick.

Reaper--The Reapers are a totally autonomous class of Draconis vehicles.

A)The Demon-class mech was the first unit constructed to be completely computer-controlled, and after the bugs were worked out, proved to be an enormous boon to Draconis forces. Standing over twenty-five feet tall, the mech boasts a rail cannon as its primary weapon, with laser turrets on the "shoulders". The mech is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor, which can be forced to meltdown by manual human intervention. The resulting explosion is devastating, and due to the relatively low cost of building a Demon, it is not unheard of for Draconis commanders to maneuver a single mech into an enemy base or troop concentration and force a meltdown.

B)The Seraphim-class tank was a descendant of the Demon designs. With two forward-facing plasma turrets mounted on top and a host of Gauss turrets bristling from the sides, the Seraphim also uses a pair of side-mounted flamethrowers to burn down any enemy infantry in its path.

Enforcer--The Draconis' advanced tech allowed them to create mechanical supersoldiers. Vaguely humanoid in appearance the Enforcer consists of a low level AI integrated into a robotic killing machines. The weapons they use range from integrated laser cannons to mini Gauss Cannons able to level buildings. Able to operate where humans can't go or wouldn't be able to go, these mass-produced soldiers are the backbone of the Draconis Army.

Draconis Hunters--Though the Draconis SpecFor teams routinely carry out assassination missions, the high command of the Draconis Military saw the need to institute a larger spy and assassin network. The Hunters were born. Hunter assassins are trained from birth to both kill without mercy and to move almost invisibly even without their cloaking armor. The spy branch of the hunters are believed to be prevalent in every Empire's government. In the entire history of the Hunters, more than fifty years, not a single spy had been found out.
Army:Laser Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Automatic Guass Rifle, Railgun, Automatic Plasma Rifle, Meson Cannon
Marines:Laser Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Automatic Guass Rifle, Railgun, Automatic Plasma Rifle, Meson Cannon
Specialized Tech:

Robot Technology (Enforcers)
Mutation Technology (Dragon Brood)
Projectile Technology (Missiles, Railguns, Gauss Cannons)
Energy Technology (Pulse Weapons)
Super Ship Technology (Worldships)
Drone Technology (See "Defense Drone" and "Spy Drone" in Individual Units)
Cloaking Armor (SpecFor, Hunters)
Faction Three: Draconis Empire:*♠

Draconis Combat Armor:Draconis Combat Armor is incredibly light, but is still considered full body armor. Its unique design muffles sounds and dampens thermal signatures of the wearer. Because Draconis soldiers rely more on their penchant for stealth than brute force, it is a necessary adjustment. This is the standard armor for all Draconis Army infantry.
Draconis Power Armor:Draconis Power Armor provides a relatively equal amount of protection compared to the Draconis Combat Armor, but further add to the stealth capabilities of the wearer. This is standard armor for all Draconis Marines.
Draconis Advanced Power Armor:Providing a huge boost in protection and a small increase in size, Draconis Advanced Power Armor is very strong and its shielding is very heavy. This is the standard armor for all Draconis shock troops.
Draconis Stealth Armor:Providing protection comparable to the Draconis Power Armor, the Draconis Stealth Armor makes the wearer invisible to any means of detection, and a built in scrambler disables any electronic surveillance equipment.

*Note:All Draconis armors, rather than allow the wearer to control climate and water intake, have intravenous hookups that deliver a steady stream of vital nutrients to the wearer. The interior temperature is kept at a safe range and cannot be changed.
♠Note:All Draconis armors are designed with a retardant that neutralizes the acid used by the clone soldiers.
Fleets Order Of Battle:

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