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Author:  BOS13 [ 08 Dec 2005 18:01 ]
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Faction Four: MacroHard Corporation
The MacroHard Corporation started on earth, but when Humanity reached out towards space they were among the first to move from the strict antitrust laws and other restrictions imposed on them on Earth. They have very good technology, in some cases exceeding that of the Draconis Empire, and excel in some aspects, mostly computer processers and nanomachines. Their military is just strong enough to keep them independant. They are run by a board of directors, but ascension is almost heriditary, as the current chairman is a direct descendant of William Gates the First.

Government: As with the Burning Star Mining Consortium, the MacroHard Corporation is not an actual state, but does not operate under the laws of any established empire, and have enough holdings to qualify them as a mega-corp. The corporation is run by a board of directors who only meet to elect officials and deal with more serious issues facing the company.

Economy: An information-based capitalistic corporation, the MacroHard company pays its employees in Credits.

Religion: Pursuant to Company Regulation 47735C subsection 98, Paragraph 169, the MacroHard Corporation (hereafter referred to as the Company) cannot and will not make any law abridging the rights of its employees to express any religious faith or lack thereof that they may or may not have, so long as it does not violate the terms of their employment or established Company policy.

Science Vessel--Two kinds.
A: Mobile vessel with standard lab equipment, sent to planets where research or other general activities must be conducted.
B: Stationary space station built in orbit above a planet to study a certain event/natural substance etc. that occurs on a given planet.

"Smart" AI's--Able to do nearly anything electronic, Smart AI's were developed by MacroHard to handle the processing of data on thier Science Vessels, but many have been sold to militaries to serve less peaceful functions. Original design kinks have been worked out and the AI can live as long as it's programmer wants it to, or until it's crystal is destroyed. AI's interact just as people would, and can be integrated into more advanced armor types.

Special Forces--The only strong military presence in MacroHard space, they are extremely effective at electronic sabatoge and psychological warfare.

(GM'S NOTE: Though lacking in actual new units, the MacroHard Corporation has better technology in general than most other empires, this will be discussed in detail below)
Infantry Weapons:

Specialized Tech:

Microprocessor Technology (It'll come up soon enough)
Nano-Machine Technology (It'll come up soon enough)
"Smart AI" Technology (See "AI's" Under "Individual Units")

None, no real army.
Fleet order of battle:

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