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 Post subject: Independant World of Kingdom
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2005 18:28 
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Kingdom was founded as a theocracy, but after several revolts they successfulley transitioned to a democracy, albiet a very religious one. Though primarily agrarian, they have been able to initiate large industrial growth in the past century. They maintained a peaceful relationship with all Empires until the Darkfire attack fleet destroyed the planet. The last remaining survivors are currently aboard the Darkfire Prison Ship Pheonix.

Flechette Riflemen--Though antiquated by most armed forces of other planets, the Flechette Rifle has found a place on Kingdom. The weapon has a magazine with hundreds of tiny finely shaped slivers of metal designed to rip and shred flesh. The weapon only fires on full auto to increase it's potential for damaging organic units. Due to thier design and speed, flechette rounds can pierce most body armor, and are quick to drop shields.

"Minutemen" Orbitally Launched Special Forces--The "Minutemen" are so named for thier ability to launch on a moment's notice. They are delivered through specially built shafts in the ship, where individual drop pods are launched at the planet's surface. A parachute will deploy at a designated time to slow descent. Due to lack of outside support in Minutemen operations their drop vehicles are packed with extra gear and ammo to support them for two weeks.
Infantry weapons:

Army:Flachette Rifle, Laser Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Automatic Plasma Rifle
Marines:Flachette Rifle, Laser Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Automatic Plasma Rifle, Rail Gun (Experimental)
Specialized Tech:
Flechette Rifle (Flechette Riflemen)
Orbital Delivery Technology ("Minutemen")

Kingdomite Light Armor:One of very few armors in Human Space not to actually be full body armors, the Kingdomite Light Armor is unique in other respects as well. Although it only covers certain parts of the body, it does provide relatively strong shielding. The Kingdomite Light Armor provides the wearer with the most mobility of any standard armor.

Kingdomite Standard Armor:Although this armor technically provides full body coverage, it really is only a system of bullet proof armor pieces built for different parts of the body. The interlocking system of armor allows quick and easy removal should it need to be replaced, and the snugness allows quite a bit of mobility.

Kingdomite Heavy Armor:*Kingdom's heaviest armor type, this armor provides a similar amount of protection as the Darkfire Combat Armor. The only differences are really its reduced size, which allow the wearer a greater range of motion.

Kingdomite Special Forces Armor:*Designed for the Minutemen, the Kingdomite Special Forces Armor is relatively small, but provides quite a bit of protection. It is incredibly resistant to projectile weapons, save of course Rail and Guass weapons. Its shields help disperse or deflect energy weapons. The shielding itself is very strong and resistant. The armor is by far the best that the Kingdomites have, and it is also incredibly hard to reproduce. Due to time, monetary, and resource restrictions they were only able to produce enough for the Minutemen and a few other Special Forces battalions.

*Note: All marked Kingdomite armors are equipped with interior climate control devices and carry interior water reservoirs capable of carrying up to two liters of water.
Fleet Order Of Battle:

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