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 Post subject: Strange Occurances
PostPosted: 19 Nov 2007 10:07 
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Rob will probably remember our chat on MSN when this occured. :bs

Two years ago in Minneapolis at about 9 pm I was watching television when I got a call from my friend and he told me to go look outside at what was going on in the sky.

When I got outside what I saw was an amazing sight. In the sky clouds from a storm were scudding in a southeast direction and somewhere above them a vast light show was playing out before my eyes.

What appeared, at first, to be lightning was rapidly flashing across about thirty degrees of the sky. With an uncanny regularity, by regularity you could almost set your watch by the streaks of light. After about ten minutes of this all of a sudden the flashes became increasingly rapid and more hectic, it reminded me of weapons fire I had seen as a US Marine.

This 'weapons fire' continued for about another fifteen minutes and slowly tapered off into nothingness. Now most folks would not call that 'odd' under most conditions, and they would be correct. For electrical storms are quite common around the world. Note my usage of the words 'under most conditions'.

Now I will relate the odd things about these flashes of light.

1. During the whole time not one sound was heard from the flashes of light. No peals of thunder, no rumbling, not even a small rumble. Nothing, it was totally silent.

2. As the clouds were moving from Northwest to Southeast, the flashes of light were heading in the opposite direction, from Southeast to the Northwest. Against the track of the storm.

3. Their regular intervals in the beginning. One thing about lightning is its unpredictability and never knowing where it will strike.

Being a science geek I know that with regular lightning, there WILL be peals of thunder since lightning is extremely hot and causes a rapid expansion of the air around it, and that is where the thunder comes from. Never in my life, or have read about, have I seen a lightning track in the OPPOSITE direction of its associated storm track. Lightning is one of the most unpredictable things in nature, and to my knowledge, cannot occur in regular and predictable patterns.

Now for my opinion on what I saw. I can say without hesitation what I saw was not a product of nature and it reminded me, when it first began, of some sort of test. Then when the flashes increased in tempo and became more sporadic in their occurance reminded me of weapons flashes. All together the scene brought to my mind of a weapons test that was interrupted by an enemy raid.

BUT this is only a wild guess, and the ONLY thing I can say with certainty is that was not a natural electrical storm, for I have seen many in my life. As to what it really was, I cannot say.

I would like to hear about any strange occurances you folks have witnessed.

Cheers, Þórgrímr

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