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needin' advice.
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Author:  Benno the Mad [ 31 Aug 2009 05:02 ]
Post subject:  needin' advice.

Hey, i need some advice and i think you guys are sufficiently experienced (and violent) enough for me to take on this advice.

my girlfriend has a stalker. He's a kid, 16, but he's stolen a key to her front door and is going in there whenever he wants. He's even stolen a few items of clothing, and some other stuff that i wont say other than it is personal.

he goes over there every fucking night, and doesn't go home when she asks him too (if she's there when he is). there's been a few instances where we've been at a pub the night before - so my car isnt out front - we're in bed "asleep" and he's just walked right in the front door, and when questioned just said "it was open". I swear on my left testicle that i close that door whenever i'm in that house.

about 2 weeks ago, when we left to go caving, i put some sticky tape on the door, up top and going on to the frame, so i could tell if the door had been opened. it had been, and a pair of her jeans and underwear were missing. a week ago she was asking me if i'd seen them, and saying how much she liked those jeans, while he was there. they turned up in her wardrobe on sunday, after a weekend when no one was home (she was at my place, her housemate was in sydney). they were folded up on top of the clothes pile...

I'm a little unsettled by this... firstly because he lives a few houses down from her, and i live 45min away, and secondly because i've seen a look of utter, absolute hatred on his face when i'm kissing my girl. I've never seen that much hate in someones face before, and honestly, it scared the fuck out of me. someone with that much hate being so close to my girl, with a key to her house... i want to beat the living shit out of him. break a few bones so he never comes back.

Author:  Þórgrímr [ 31 Aug 2009 10:45 ]
Post subject: 

Benno, what do the laws state about stalkers in your area? And, have you notified the police about the break ins and thefts?

If they will do nothing about it, or they say you need evidence to arrest, wll, then here is what I would do in your place.

I would set up with your GF a time for where it seems you two are leaving for a weekend and then you slip back and use the back door, or make damned sure he does not see you enter. Then you wait for the sob to break in and then you do what is needed to subdue the shithead, then call the police.

But one thing, this is nothing you should ignore. He may be 16 now, but that will not last for long and if he hates you as much as you say, one day he WILL come to call on you when you least expect it. And it will not be a polite call.

Stalkers are sick fuckers with something broke in their brains, and they never give up and go away. So you need to nip this in the bud before it grows teeth beyond the bastard's beating off over your GF's clothes and he takes it to the next level.

I hope you can get the police to arrest him, but even if they do, he will get out of prison, and I can guarantee you, he will not forget. So I would suggest you and your GF move FAR away while he is in the graybar hotel.

My 2 cents worth. I hope you can get this taken care of non-violently, but if I were you I would prepare for the worst.

Cheers, Thor

Author:  Benno the Mad [ 01 Sep 2009 04:28 ]
Post subject: 

yeah next year she's travelling around the world, so it wont be a problem then, but between then and now it will be. She's also been offered a research position at Harvard, and a few jobs in Sydney. So who know's what's going to happen.

personally, i'd rather not involve the police - yet. i'm working on setting up a surveillance system in their home, but i'm meeting some resistance from her housemate (the cameras are going to be pointing at the front door and across the living room). he's a nice guy, but a bit strange. wont pay for anything. this kid has a key to his house and he wont even fork out for new locks! and he wont let me use his video camera (it records onto SD cards, so i'll be buying a huge one that he can keep when i'm done.. which i've told him). When i get footage of him going in the door i'll be taking it to his parents and demand some answers (and maybe a bit of retribution), then threaten police involvement. With the legal system here, it's unlikely that he'll get anything harsher than a slap on the wrist.

Thanks for your help thor. I'll take some of this advice onboard.

but i really really really want to flog the fuck out of this kid. I can get there without his knowledge, because i just bought a new dirt squirter and can park in the backyard. .... :twisted:

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