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Author:  haegan2007 [ 23 Aug 2009 01:50 ]
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Specialized missile templates have been added and the missile check box now has working code attached!

Until now the Reducer Caps(caps that reduce the cost of the unit by giving it a negative something) only had the cap level being used to lower the PP cost. We are now working to permit the Unit Maker to make the modifications for you so you don't have to go back and put the negative effects in later. For instance, we have a reducer cap that reduces the Cargo Capacity of the unit and reduces the cost of the unit appropriately. Now it actually programmaticaly reduces the CC during the 'has the user changed anything" check. Naturally, the subroutine is the last one run as it is the final modifier to the templates stats!

We are getting close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this. After the reducers are done, we need to go back and fix the effects of 5 caps that have not been able to be fitted into a convenient cubby hole. After that all we have to do is enter the simple templates from the air and naval and then add in accurate caps for them. Basically data entry! Lol, they will just have to live with copies of the complex caps for now!

The idea was to create a modifiable program that could have its data changed to fit into a specialized campaign for additional flavor. The BTS! game is similar in idea to GURPS in that you can create any genre in it and then play it. It is not a RPG, but we have ideas for that as well.

Questions anyone? :D

Author:  haegan2007 [ 24 Aug 2009 21:20 ]
Post subject:  REducing caps are done!

Reducer caps are now programmatically working. That just leaves 5 or 6 odd balls that will require some thought. I am loathe to hard code these caps in, so need to find a way to mod them in.

Author:  haegan2007 [ 25 Aug 2009 20:59 ]
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(slaps forehead).

The program will not make HQ correctly! It will not zero out the combat stats!

How is that for just something to get me crankier! Well, something to add to my Todo!

Author:  haegan2007 [ 28 Aug 2009 23:29 ]
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Okay, we have finished the last of the programming for the caps. Hurray! Now we need to do a LOT of data entry for the unit templates. And test for bugs! We may redesign the cap templates so that they hold more info and are even easier to mod, but that will have to wait.

Lol, we have one bug left to kill and I found it before Ken for a change! Missile DP are not to show up unless the ship has a Silo cap!!!

We will fix that next as well as add the remaining 6 caps that we have been programming for these past two weeks.

Author:  haegan2007 [ 29 Aug 2009 22:46 ]
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Mash, ARU, and AI caps need additional work. Other then that it seems to be working well. Let me know of any bugs that you find! Simple units may still have difficulty with their caps files as I have not been able to comb through them yet.

We have two unit template types left. Bases and Teams. Lol, but the end is in sight as most cap combos are now taken care of and adding two new unit templates should be fairly easy.

Hopefully we will have this baby put to rest by the end of next Saturday!

I hope Ken can put up with my fluent french while I build the install for it!

Author:  haegan2007 [ 05 Sep 2009 22:44 ]
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Unit Be and base PP can now be effected through caps. Point in case are the Armored Recovery Units cap and the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital caps.

Light carriers (CVL) have been added to the Naval templates and Cargo capacity changes have been incorporated through out all the Naval templates.

We plan on adding movement information to the templates, but it will have to wait until we go over the movement rules again.

Author:  haegan2007 [ 01 Oct 2009 22:24 ]
Post subject:  bug fixes

missile DP has been rethought and it has been recalculated for all warships.

A bug in the code for reducer caps has been found and corrected. Darned copy and pasting!

Author:  haegan2007 [ 01 Oct 2009 22:25 ]
Post subject:  fixes

Engine caps were showing up on army and air template cap choices.

The Rapid Fire cap has been added to the ground template caps under IUU(industrial Unit) maintenance.

A bug was squished in the basic fuel maintenance subroutine.

Author:  haegan2007 [ 01 Oct 2009 22:47 ]
Post subject: 

Previously when you selected a cap maintenance category you had to then manually select an actual cap before being able to enter a number for its level. The list now defaults to the first cap shown and shows its level information.

No further action is required if that is the cap you want!

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