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Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:18 ]
Post subject:  "Dempsey"

Dempsey stood amidst the devastated rubble that had once been a major city, the capital of Hathrox III. And not only that, but it had been the seat of power for the Hathren. She didn't know much of them, but what she knew made her thankful they were dead. Their cruelty was surpussed only by their desire to rule the universe. They had ruled a vast part of the universe for millenia, and their empire had been expanding steadily.

Until they came across a lone man, who virtually on his own had destroyed their race.

Never cross a Sith Lord, especially one named Darth Bane, Dempsey thought to herself.

She walked through the debris. Somewhere here was the object of her travels. She looked up. The burning sun had come up less than an hour ago, but already it was so hot she could hardly keep breathing. She had to find cover, and soon.

She walked on, trying to keep to the shadows as much as possible, but even in the shadows the temperature was starting to rise far above that of her own body.

Suddenly she froze. There was a small building directly ahead. Contrary to everything else here, it seemed to be somewhat intact. She moved quickly, and walked up to the door. As she grabbed her lightsaber and snapped it on, hearing the familiar hiss as the blade formed, she kicked in the door.

Inside, there was nothing but a table. There was a staircase that appeared to be leading to a second level, but it was blocked by a large piece of debris. The room was empty. She turned off the lightsaber, clipped it back on her belt, and walked towards the table.

On the table stood a small, cubical box. She had never seen one before, but she knew what it was.

A Jedi holocron.

She walked towards the object and picked it up slowly. She wondered what exactly it held within. She looked at it, playing with it, turning it over, studying each side. The she put it back down, and carefully removed her left glove, exposing her hand to the atmosphere. immediately, it started burning away at her flesh. The pain shot through her and nearly knocked her out, but she gathered her strength and used her unshielded hand to grab the holocron again.

As soon as her hand closed around it, it buzzed, and a beam of light shot out, engulfed her, and drove the atmosphere away. Then a small image appeared above the holocron. It quickly coalesced into a humanoid shape, albeit small, green and with pointy ears.

"Greetings," the holographic projection said. "Welcome to Hathrox II, you are."

"Led here by the Dark Side, you were," the figure continued. "Seen it, I have."
Dempsey stood there, looking at the figure. It's broken basic sounded funny. But it also appeared the figure was very serious. Is this a Jedi? She wondered.
"Good it is, that you are here," the figure continued. "Many things I need to say. Many things you need to learn. Save your friends, you must."
If anything, that got Dempsey's attention.
"Save my friends?"
"Prisoner of evil, he is. A trap has been set."
Dempsey listened intently. Part of her was extremely curious, and part of her was wondering how it was possible this Jedi knew what was happening now, when he had recorded the message so many hundreds of years ago.
"Remember always, fear, anger and hatred, of the Dark Side they are. Into your heart, you must let them not." And with that, the image faded, and she was alone again.

Mare Arturus.

That was the name the image had given her, where she could find her friends. Maybe the Jedi knew who they were, she didn't. Maybe the message wasn't even meant for her, but she didn't believe in coincedence like this. She put her glove back on, and as soon as she did, she saw the bubble around her fade away. In an instant, the atmospheric gasses of the planet started seeping into her flightsuit again, and she concentrated to drive them out. Then, she stepped out and walked towards the building the Jedi had told her to go to.

As she entered the building, her mouth fell open. In the building stood a perfectly preserved one man starfighter. Although it had been standing there for hundreds of years, not a speck of dust covered its shining metal finish.

She stepped up, and jumped in the cockpit. It had a familiar feel, and it took her seconds to get the engines started. Incredible, it still works, flashed through her mind.

Two minutes later, a silvery streak of light shot from the planet surface through the upper atmosphere. Then it seemed to disappear as Dempsey enabled the cloaking device. Inside the cockpit, she pulled the hyperdrive yoke, and the fighter made the jump to lightspeed, on its way to Mare Arturus.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:19 ]
Post subject:  Me

Slowly darkness became a faint dimness and the world began to focus. Beir was lying on a cold and damp floor. He could barely move, his body was sore and probably broken in a few spots. He tried to lift his head up and look at his surroundings. He was in a prison, that was obvious enough, and walls surrounded him, though there was a heavy looking door in front of him. He noticed the floor was blood-stained. He could hear no noises. He then realized that he was stripped of his armor and clothing. He was stuck in some black trousers of some sort. He tried to push himself up to a sitting position and his vision swam.

Beir finally stood up after twenty minutes of effort. He heard a door open and slam and footsteps echo somewhere outside of the door. It sounded like one person but he wasn't sure. He heard them stop outside of his door. the door clicked as a lock was disengaged and the door swung open. Beir collapsed and began to cry.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:19 ]
Post subject:  "Dempsey"

sirens started blaring all over the Challenge's bridge and people started panicking. Well, most people, not all. Frightingly calm, Rear Admiral Darklord stood on the deck of his Star Destroyer and looked through the transparisteel viewscreen, watching as one by one over a dozen ships jumped back into realspace. A quick count told him he was now facing two Mon Calamari Starcruisers, a couple of Assault Frigates, and half a dozen Carrack light cruisers.
On the viewscreen before him, the new arrivals lighted up grey, signalling they were unclassified, but within moments, one after the other blips turned red, indicating the ships were hostile.

"New Republic cruisers jumped in, sir! We're outnumbered four to one here!"Panick sounded in the man's voice. Darklord looked at him. He was still young, prolly his first real combat situation. Darklord felt it to be important to remain calm, especially for young guns like this. He hoped some of his serenity would wash over them.

Another officer walked up to Darklord. "Sir, we're receiving a transmission from the Hermes. They're requesting permission to vacate the area immediately."
Darklord was about to respond, when another officer started yelling across his bridge. "Incoming fire!"
Darklord saw blue streaks of light, but they weren't coming from the New Republic cruisers, they were coming from the planet below. He saw them blue ion beams deflect off the deflector shields of the Hermes. And the lead Calamarian.
"Are they attacking both of us?" He asked.
"It appears so, sir," someone said who'd remained in his seat. "I'm picking up ion charges emanating from the planet surface, at least 6 different firing stations."
For a moment, Darklord thought. Had the Republic forces not shown up, he definately would have launched an attack against the planet. But not here, and not now.
"Deploy class four probes, and jump to rendez-vous point Gamma Blue."

A few moments later, he saw the Hermes and Fairchild jump away. Just before the Challenge followed, he could see the green streaks of turbo laser batteries from the Republic cruisers responding to the planetary fire. Then the stars turned into lines, and the Challenge was on its way.

We'll be back, Darklord thought to himself. We're not leaving you behind just yet, Kadon.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:20 ]
Post subject:  Me

Two giants with hoods had pinned him to the wall. But he couldn't break his gaze at his tormentor. "Why?" he sobbed.

"Because you left me to die!" she said as she whipped him across the face with an electro-whip. The pain of the whip and a rush of electricity broke through his body, but the men kept him pinned to the wall. With insulated gloves they were untouched. She approached closer. Something didn't seem right. A tone in her voice something underneath. "Now, were is it?"

"Where's what?" Beir said through deep breaths. He was promptly whipped again. His legs were jelly, if nothing was holding him up he'd collapse to the ground and never get up for eternity. The pain was too much. She neared him until her fine features where inches from his face. "Ceres." Beir said weakly. She stopped. Something seemed to be occupying her mind. He looked her in her hard eyes and said something, he hadn't said to any woman in years, "I love you."

The New Republic fleet had arrive in-system and watched as the Imperial ships promptly jumped away. "Look at the Remnant dogs jump away at the sight of our fleet." Rear Admiral Kazansky said to his bridge officers. "Captain, I want you to eliminate the planetary defenses with your fighters."

"Yes sir!" The Captain of the ship replied.

"Put a call back to the battlegroup, lets get an interdictor and more ships out here. Those Remnant scum may return."


She lunged out with a knife in a split second. It stopped and slashed the throat of the nearest man. Beir fell onto the floor as the giant lost his grip. The other giant fell near him in a shower of blood. He looked up, ready to be stabbed himself and saw a slender hand reaching down to him.

"We have to go. We have to stop him."

"Stop who?"

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:20 ]
Post subject:  "Dempsey"

As Dempsey's fighter came out of hyperspace, her senses were screaming "watch out" into her brains with a bullhorn. Dead ahead she saw a Mon Calamari starcruiser, and it was getting bigger way too fast. She jerked the control yoke, and the fighter veered off. Quickly she assessed the situation. A large number of capital ships, two of them the dreaded Mon Calamaris, and a heavy exchange of fire between these ships and the planet surface.
Of course, the planetside ion cannons had the advantage of not being stopped by a planetary shield. Her sensors indicated that the shields on the lead Calamari, who was already turning away from the planet, we're starting to get dangerously low.
A squadron of Y-wing starfighters was busy making a torpedo run, trying to put some dents into the shield.
Nice, she thought. I can't go down as long as that shield is up.
She steered her fighter away from the battle, and aimed it for the lone moon orbiting the planet. Hoping the Republic forces were too busy to pay any attention to her, she pushed her fighter's engines and sped away as fast she could, until she had reached the far side of the moon. She gently touched the fighter down on the surface, and turn off its powersystems.
"And now we wait," she whispered to herself.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:21 ]
Post subject:  "Hap'Kette"

Garrett Hap'Kette, still loyal though no longer active Imperial Officer and Dark Jedi, sat alone in a dark corner near the rear of the cantina "Midnight Moon" on the planet Mare Arturus VI. His handsome features hidden by a heavy woven black cloak and hood, unnecessarily hidden as the denizens had absolutely no idea he was even in the cantina.

Sipping his lomin-ale he smirked as he pondered on how easy it was to erase any memory of his entrance and drink order from the entire cantina, and how any being who decided the empty booth in the dark corner was a good place to sit was suddenly filled with absolute dread and sought out a different place to slowly sink into a drunken stupor.

Such was the life of an exile, self-inflicted exile. Garrett could feel the ebb and flow of the cantina and it's inhabitants, he ignored it, giving it just enough attention to alert him to anyone he would have to divert from sitting on his lap. Mulling over his thoughts was something that took up a lot of his time, and he definitely had a lot of time. Traveling from one star system to the next meant long hours in hyperspace and with no companionship, besides his slightly demented T3-XS droid or 'Excess' as Garrett had come to call him, to speak of... well there was definitely a lot of time to think.

About to take another sip of his lomin-ale, still lost in thought, Garrett felt it. It was a sensation in the force, though it wasn't emanating from anyone in the cantina, but it wasn't far. It was a horrible pain, both physical, mental and emotional all at the same time. Garrett remembered how his old masters would inflict such pain as a tool to tear students down and Garrett himself had felt it himself many times, though this time the feeling wasn't directed at him, or made to break him down. It came from another and that individual was very familiar.


Garrett closed his eyes and stretched out, completely engulfing the cantina, pushing out further into the surrounding streets and buildings. Garrett mused as a thought flashed across his mind, with a simple thought I could turn everyone in this sphere of influence into drooling little huttlings. He smiled malevolently. Garrett returned to the task at hand, touching the minds of all the individuals one by one, moving through looking for the familiar touch. Then he found it and he lingered...

I love you

Garrett cringed at the words, not his own, Kadon's words... then the pain was replaced with confusion, some relief, more confusion...

Opening his eyes he drew his sphere down back into the cantina, finishing his lomin-ale. Garrett quickly moved from his seat and threaded his way though the crowded dimness, all but invisible to the cantina's patrons.

Kadon will be alright, Garrett thought, he could always take care of himself. Stepping into the false light of the alleyway Garrett's hand reflexively brushed past the lightsaber hidden under his cloak, satisfied he moved into the night.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:23 ]
Post subject:  Me until the end.

"Come on don't just stare at me!" She yelled. Ceres tossed the vibrodagger to Kadon and opened the heavy door. He could hear noises outside that became muffled as she shut it again.

"Ho-" Kadon began to ask.

"Questions later! Let's go!" She popped the door back open and stepped outside. He followed and watched her as she calmly drew her blaster and shot two guards patrolling the passageway. The woman he married was still a smooth killer as any. He quickly checked a body and liberated it of its blaster rifle. "This way." Ceres pointed towards an elevator at the end of the hallway that began to open as they started to run to it...


Kazansky sat the bridge of the Pride of Endor drinking a cup of Arollian tea with a smug expression on his face. "Captain, status?"

"Sir the Alderaan has sustained multiple ion cannon hits and is losing her shields. Our X-wings have started their attack runs on the ground batteries and our Y-wings are keeping what enemy fighters and corvettes they've mustered at bay."

"Good Captain, have the Alderaan deployed to a point between us and the last Remnant contacts, I want them to warn us as soon as things seem strange. Where is my Interdictor?" he took a sip and set the cup back on the armrest.

"The Ajax is on the way, it should arrive in ten minutes."

"Good, the Remnants will get sucked back in as they come back to engage this battlefleet of the New Republic." He took another sip of tea.

"Admiral our preparations for the rest of the Challenge strike group are almost complete. Most of the ships we could get are arriving now and are preparing to jump again."

Rear Admiral Darklord paced the bridge viewports nervously. "What have we mustered?"

"Adding in ourselves and our two escorts we managed to contact the Formidable, the Corellia, the Thunderchild and the Hellfire.

"I hope its enough Captain. Order the jump."

The Imperial Star Destroyer Challenge and the escort ships she was with jumped into hyperspace and into the fray once more.

"Hyperspace contacts sir! Bearing 223 Mark 45!" Admiral Kazansky spilled his tea on his uniform at the sudden change in atmosphere on the bridge.


"Unknown sir, the Ajax is still two minutes out."

"Turn us to engage and send the CAP towards the possible entry location and launch our remaining fighters." He was sure he'd still get to finish his tea as he wiped at his uniform with a silk cloth.


Darklord knew it would be a risk but it was a well calculated one. A double jump is not something you do blindly, the time required for calculations even for an in system one is more then they would use. He felt a tingle around his body as the familiar sense of the return to realspace hit him. The stars stopped streaking and stabilized. "All fighter racks, launch... NOW!"


"Sir! Star Destroyer! Behind us! Between the planet and ourselves. Its launching all fighters! More contacts appearing, a VSD, dreadnought, Modified Frigate, Frigate and three modified corvettes. Wait! They're gone!"

"Gone?" Kazansky raised an eyebrow.

"Yes sir, gone, no, fighters INBOUND!" Kazansky stood up and dropped his tea cup and saucer as he could make out the glitter of Imperial fighters getting larger in the view screens.

"Recall ALL of our FIGHTERS! NOW!" he yelled.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:23 ]
Post subject: 

The doors swooshed open and five men stormed out, firing their blaster rifles. Kadon and Ceres jumped to the sides of the passageway. Bolts flew down the hallway. Kadon returned fire with a burst of bolts as Ceres fired a shot that dropped one. The rest disappeared into the side of the corridor and fired suppressing shots towards them. Red bolts scorched into the walls and left a stink of ozone in their wake. "Kadon!" Ceres yelled as she tossed a grenade of some sort up the corridor. The blasters stopped firing suddenly and surprised voices were heard followed by an explosion. "Let's go!" she yelled again and Kadon ducked back into the passageway and saw the armored men stumbling about confused. He dispatched them with a few blaster shots. He took a keycard from one guard and liberated two grenades from another. He wished he had a few thermal detonators right now.

"Ceres, lets get out of here." Beir said, stepping into the elevator.


"Cyclone form up! You know the plan, standard cruiser attack, watch First Flight." Commander Styles said as the small New Republic fleet grew larger. "That Calamari is mine." He said to himself as he armed his torpedo launchers. An Interdictor jumped into view between the New Republic Fleet and the swarm of fighters bearing down on it. Ho. What do we have here? he thought to himself grinning slyly.


"Sir. The Alderaan is trying to escape from them, but they are sustaining heavy damage and their launch bays are crippled. The Ajax has just arrived, in between us and their fighters.

"Captain where are my fighters?" Kazansky asked.

Captain Laurial swallowed hard. "We've recalled them sir, but we estimate they won't get here before the Imperials begin their attack. And they've sustained heavy losses pacifying the planet's defenses."

"Send what we have to intercept the Imperials. Then turn us about to engage that Star Destroyer."


Darklord watched the battle progress. The corvettes of Blizzard had broken off their attack, sustaining moderate damage. They had ended up jumping around the second Calamari Cruiser. The guns of the Challenge were making quick work of it. But it was escaping. Somehow despite the damage its engines were working... well. Most likely an upgraded design. He thought to himself.

"Contact!" The call across the bridge shook Darklord from his thoughts while he observed the tactical table. "New Republic Interdictor hyperspacing in behind their cruiser." Darklord looked at the table as the blip representing the interdictor appeared.

"Message Commander Styles, tell him I want that thing out of the picture."

Zosite looked at his sensors as he swooped onto the run to attack the Interdictor. He'd just received his orders to take it out. He fingered he could handle it with Cyclone easily. He was upset that he'd lose the chance to get at the Mon Cal though. He heard the loud tone of a warhead lock and grinned as he loosed his payload at the Interdictor. The torpedoes streaked into space and headed towards his target.


Darklord watched as the Cruiser, they'd identified as the Alderaan exploded and pieces of wreckage; trailing fires, smoke, and venting atmosphere flew about his fleet. "The next cruiser, I want it! Damage report!"


"So what made you come for me?" she asked, taking a deep breath and pushing the hair out of her eyes.

"Do you have to ask?" Kadon replied. They'd all ready begun riding the elevator to wherever it would end up. "You've been gone for years, I thought- I thought that you were dead."

"So did I, the New Republic considers you one of their wanted criminals, joining with the Imperial Remnant has only made you more of an enemy to them. They were trying to use me to get to you." She checked her pistol and then sighed. He looked at her, see seemed the same yet different, a note of dejection or depression was obvious in the way she stood, but she still was the strong woman he fell in love with.

He changed power packs on the blaster rifle as the doors opened.


"Sir! The Alderaan has been destroyed, warheads have been launched at the Ajax and their capitol ships are bearing down on us."

"Our fighters?" Kazansky steepled his hands underneath his chin, his elbows resting on the smooth leather armrests of his chair."

"Still disengaging the planetary defenses, but a majority are in route to hit the Imperial fighters, they don't seem aware yet. Our CAP has engaged the lead Imperials heading for us here."

"This is a losing battle, but I want to cause as much damage as possible before we leave. Make us ready to jump on my signal, and turn us about to meet that Star Destroyer."

The doors opened and a solitary figure in a robe stood with its head down. The figure slowly raised their head and Beir was shocked for an instant. The face looked just like the man that had tried to kill him earlier.

"Colonel Beir, we finally meet in person."

"Who the f-"

"All will be explained in good time. You will understand everything very soon."

Kadon looked at Ceres as the sharp sound of a lightsaber igniting rang in his ears. He looked up at the man frozen in fear.


Zosite let loose with his final volley of torpedoes as the first group from Cyclone were striking the Interdictor's shields. It had tried to maneuver away from the warheads, but only succeeded in presenting its flanks towards the fighters. The shields shimmered as the torpedoes struck and then they finally collapsed and thirteen warheads struck the hull of the ship and small fires quickly blossomed and disappeared in the vacuum.

"Commander Zosite, our rearguard have been engaged by NR fighters, get your squadron out of there, Inferno handle the fighters." Commander Dempsey called out, joining the battle.

Zosite figured it would be better to move into the New Republic strike group and hit their smaller ships to do more damage.

"Cyclone, arm your weapons, we're going after the little fish."


Kazansky stood on the bridge of the Pride of Endor in disbelief, the Emperor's Hammer group had managed to take out one of his cruisers, his interdictor, and between the battle with the pirates and the Imperials, most of his starfighter squadrons.

"Sir? Our course of action?" Kazansky didn't reply. "Sir, they have us, I recommend we leave to save our losses."

"I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO RECOMMEND CAPTAIN!" Kazansky's voiced boomed across the bridge. All of the bridge crew stopped and looked in his direction. The Mon Calamari stood on the bridge with his mouth open, unsure of what was going to happen next. Kazansky sighed. "Captain, plot us a jump and hyperspace us out of here." He then quickly disappeared from the bridge.

"Admiral we are just outside of gun range, our sensors are pickup up energy spikes, they are preparing to jump." Darklord nodded as he examined the tactical table and holo. "What shall we do sir?"

"Hunt them down. Order our fighters to do as much damage as they can." Darklord smiled, his plan had payed off.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 16:25 ]
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Zosite watched an A-Wing flare into a small fireball that disappeared as it quickly consumed its own gases. He was then blinded as the New Republic capitol ships hyperspaced out of the system. He managed to launch another pair of missiles that destroyed a B-wing before the fighters began their jump. And in a quick set of flashes the fighters were gone.

"Cyclone. Whats you status."


"Sir all the New Republic vessels have jumped, those that haven't are being mopped up by our fighters. The reports are filtering in and our losses have been light to moderate."

Darklord smiled and decided it was time to return to his quarters, the ships and personnel could take care of themselves.


The red blade of the lightsaber cast its dull red light around the inside of the chamber. The lift's doors closed and the room was lit by the glow of the lightsaber and a dim beam of light emanating from a grate in the ceiling. Kadon stood frozen as he looked at a ghost.

"You're dead." he said stoically.

"Oh no Colonel Beir, that was all but an image of myself. You will learn how powerful I really am."

"Kadon who is this man?!" Ceres yelled out. Kadon looked around as he slowly moved his hand and raised the blaster rifle. He wished he had his slugthrowers with him but you never get what you want. Ceres tossed the vibrodagger to Kadon and began firing as the man deflected the bolts deftly. Kadon caught it and activated it in mid-air and began firing the rifle on full-auto as he closed the distance. Blaster bolts, both blue and red sparkled and flashed white as they were deflected about the chamber. Beir let loose a roar as he lunged with the dagger.

Author:  wolfblade [ 02 Nov 2007 22:08 ]
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"SEREC!" Beir roared as the vibrodagger stabbed out into nothing. "You have no honor!" the lightsaber was quick to move and Beir had only one option, dodge. He weaved quickly and the blade passed very close to him. He drew back and backed away, he would have to find another way. Ceres looked over at the entrance and noticed more of the guards coming through the hatches. She unloaded shots from both blaster rifles and watched bodies crumple and fall.

Kadon had only one option, he wasn't going to win easy with a knife against a lightsaber. He was ready to lunge in when a strong push threw him against the wall behind him. He felt the wind knocked out of him, but he retained his knife. It was time to test what weak force powers he possessed as a Protector in the Dark Brotherhood. He picked himself up and charged again, he could feel the Force being gathered and quickly reached an arm in front of him and pushed against it. He concentrated a bit and kept running forward. He barely realized the lightsaber was coming in for a deathstroke on him and stopped concentrating and rolled as the lightsaber slashed his thigh instead of his neck. A wave of pain hit his mind and he tried to put it away with the Force, if this man wasn't going to fight fair, he'd find a way to beat him.

"Kadon!" Ceres cried as she through a grenade and it exploded in the corridor, raining dirt and dust all about the thugs as they hid in cover in the corridor. She kept firing her rifles until one clicked empty. She set it down and reloaded it one handed as she kept firing the other one.

Beir stood up and Serec grinned evilly at him. "The time is over 'Colonel' Beir. I just want you to know that your Clan died like the animals they were, and I will extinguish the last of them right here." He set forward with renewed energy and rained a flurry of blows at Kadon who weaved or grabbed Serec's arm and pushed the lightsaber away. He still managed to get minor burns as the lightsaber came close and dug into his skin. He dedicated a bit more to concentrating the Force to ease his pain. The vibroblade was still in his hand and he stood up again to face Serec.

Kadon turned around and looked at Ceres, her hair and face was gleaming with sweat and she gritted her teeth as she fired at the thugs. Everything seemed to slow down as bolts struck her in the chest and arm. She reeled backwards and fell onto the ground. Kadon finally felt angered beyond his comprehension he looked at Serec who still seemed to have that sneer, and was beginning to laugh. He looked at the vibroblade in his right hand still shimmering with the heat of its rapid vibration. He dropped into a fighting stance and roared loudly. It seemed to shake the ceiling of the room. He charged wildly and watched as the smile on Serec's face turned into a small grin as he raised his lightsaber ready to cut a simple killing blow on Kadon.

Kadon ran forward and lunged straight in, everything was almost a standstill: his right arm extended at almost full length, the gleaming silver of the blade of the vibroblade, the red glow of the lightsaber that was coming in for his neck, the lines on Serec's face as they were turning into a face of triumph. Then everything sped faster as in the next instant Serec's lightsaber was stabbed into his own gut. Beir spit out a mouthful of blood and smiled.

Kadon fell on his back with the dagger in his right hand and the lightsaber in his left. He jerked it as he fell and it sliced cleanly through the rest of Serec leaving his liver and right kidney singed. Both men hit the ground and Kadon finally felt overcome by all the pain in his body. It had happened so fast: he'd lunged in as Serec had went for a straight stab with his longer lightsaber, Beir had launched himself into a dive to get lower, grabbed Serec's hand with his left and had twisted it until the lightsaber was up, he'd then taken the dagger and drawn it across Serec's forearm, making him release his grip on the lightsaber which Beir had grabbed with his left, Beir had enough time to stab out as he hit the ground and he'd barely hit home.

He heard the lightsaber deactivate and looked at Serec who appeared to be passed out. The walls still seemed to be rumbling and a vast explosion shook the room and he could hear blaster rifles being fired. Everything seemed so distant. He closed his eyes and then opened them. A stormtrooper removing his helmet was holding a hand out.

"Colonel Beir? I'm Lieutenant Larkin, we've come for you!" The man's voice was at the edge of the universe. His body was going into system shock from all the pain overload. Another trip to sickbay he thought as he passed out.

"Admiral we've found them." Larkin reported on his comm-link. "Yes he's hurt, we'll have to get him out as soon as we can. We also have an unidentified female in critical condition as well, shall we bring her?"

Darklord stood on the bridge and nodded. "Yes, if he's gone through this much to find whats his, we'd better not deny him."

"We'll be back on board in ten. Out."

Darklord walked off the bridge and onto the main lift, it was time to welcome Kadon home again.


The transport landed on the deck and the doors hissed as Darklord moved closer. The ramp touched the ground and the stormtroopers rushed out carrying the unconscious body of Colonel Beir. A woman followed the group as they went by. She was barely able to walk. "Ceres Beir I presume." he said. She looked up sharply at the sound of her name and her eyes were hard as steel. Darklord was almost startled by the sudden hard look from a woman. He offered his hand out and she initially refused. "For Kadon's sake, you'll never make it to sickbay, its a long walk." She looked at him silently and Darklord put his arm around her back and helped support her bad leg. Her armor was blackened and her wounds were burnt from the blaster bolt impacts. They began to follow behind the stormtrooper team to the lift. Ceres looked up at Darklord and smiled weakly:

"He's a stubborn bastard isn't he?"


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Wolfblade, is this still ongoing? Or has it wrapped up? The reason I am asking is this is the type of RP the Gunny is. And if you wish to continue it with your friends I can create a sub-forum for this RP in the Roleplaying forum for you all to continue. :bs

Cheers, Þórgrímr

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Þórgrímr wrote:
Wolfblade, is this still ongoing? Or has it wrapped up? The reason I am asking is this is the type of RP the Gunny is. And if you wish to continue it with your friends I can create a sub-forum for this RP in the Roleplaying forum for you all to continue. :bs

Cheers, Þórgrímr

Yeah I get ya man, don't worry this was considered activity for my SW Group. We do things like these off in on in our own forums, but since I came out here I dropped my CMDR position of that squadron and the medals for those that did participate were awarded and I decided I needed to wrap the ends up on my own. Which I have... for now :P

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