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Author:  Þórgrímr [ 21 Oct 2008 16:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: text file

haegan2007 wrote:
IIRC, I thought the yorktown was a BB, but in the book it is about the size of a USA heavy cruiser?

What are the D'Orlies and the Naff? BB and a DN? No fighters?

Have you condifered grividic weapons(temporary black holes or focused gravity waves that ignore shields?)

Meson cannon?

A good Num name would be Hasan d'Ghorman. :bs

I'm only up to the point where Carter is meeting the Confeds on the station. I will keep reading though!

Size is not everything. :w

Heavy Cruiser and Frigate, respectively. Exactly what you said they were before my move.

Nope, no such weapons here.

Too many games have used the Meson as a weapon. Not me. Traveller used it just fine, but now it seems everybody and their brother wants to use something similar.

If you would be willing, how about drawing up a list of male and female Numie names for me, so I don't have to use "NUMERIAN NAME" to ident those folks. :bs

Cheers, Þórgrímr

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